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Physical Engineering

The School of Physical Engineering of Zhengzhou University was founded in April 1995, its predecessor was the former Physical Department of Zhengzhou University.

The school has 173 academic staff, including 1 academician of Chinese Academy of science, 14 doctoral supervisors, 78 professors and associate professors, 8 senior experimenters and senior engineers, 86 of the staff are PhD holders.

The school now has mobile postdoctoral station of Physics, first-level doctoral program of Physics, second-level doctoral program of Materials Physics and Chemistry; and provides 4 first-level master programs: Physics, Nuclear Science and Technology, Instrument Science and Technology, and Optical Engineering; 3 second-level master programs: Biophysics, Materials Physics and Chemistry, and Physical Electronics; and 5 undergraduate programs: Physics, Applied Physics, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Electronic Science and Technology, and Observation and Control Techniques and Instrument.

Currently, the school has undertaken the construction task of national key discipline: Condensed Matter Physics, the key disciplines of Henan Province (at the first level): Condensed Matter Physics, and Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics. The school is equipped with electrostatic accelerator, hot isostatic pressing machine and other large-scale instruments, and has undertaken several national 973 projects, projects supported by National Science Foundation, and major projects supported by Henan Province, with total value of 60 million yuan.

Currently, the student enrollment in the school has about 1300 undergraduates, nearly 400 postgraduates and doctors. And many of the graduates have contributed great to the society.

Programs offered in School of Physical Engineering

Degree Program Language Period
Bachelor Electronic Science and Technology Chinese 4
Electronic Information Science and Technology Chinese 4
Observation and Control Techniques and Instrument Chinese 4
Physics Chinese 4
Applied Physics Chinese 4
Master Materials Physics and Chemistry Chinese 3
Optics Chinese 3
Optical Engineering Chinese 3
Radiation and Environmental Protection Chinese 3
Nuclear Technology and Applications Chinese 3
Nuclear Science and Technology Chinese 3
Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering Chinese 3
Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Chinese 3
Nuclear Biology Chinese 3
Measuring and Testing Technologies and Instruments Chinese 3
Precision Instrument and Machinery Chinese 3
Instrument Science and Technology Chinese 3
Instrumentation Engineering Chinese 3
Plasma Physics Chinese 3
Theoretical Physics Chinese 3
Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics Chinese 3
Condensed Matter Physics Chinese 3
Acoustics Chinese 3
Biophysics Chinese 3
Radio Physics Chinese 3
Physical Electronics Chinese 3
Physics Chinese 3
Atomic and Molecular Physics Chinese 3
Doctor Materials Physics and Chemistry Chin/Eng 4
Optics Chin/Eng 4
Nuclear Biology Chin/Eng 4
Theoretical Physics Chin/Eng 4
Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics Chin/Eng 4
Condensed Matter Physics Chin/Eng 4

Well-known Professor



Research interests




Metal growth and diffusion on the diamond surfaces; Quantum size effect of ultrathin film; Quantum alloy films; Small molecular adsorption on metal surface; Nano Friction and so on.

Fei Wang

Particle Physics

Supersymmetry, Grand Unified Theory; Extra-dimension; cosmology.

Xin-Jian Li

Condensed Matter Physics

Nano-material Physics and Devices

Lin Dong

Condensed matter physics

Piezophototronic low-dimensional materials & devices,

Shunfang Li


Condensed Matter Physics, Nanocatalysis

Erjun Liang


Photonics and condensed matter physics

Chong-Xin Shan


Diamond, Optoelectronics

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Name:Yan Pin


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