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School of architecture is the cradle of talent in landscape architecture, Urban Planning, Architecture, Artistic Design (Environmental Artistic Design Oriented). The major of architecture was firstly established in the year 1959 in Zhengzhou University; then it has flourished over 50 years. In 2000, based on major of architecture, the School of Architecture was built and has experienced rapid development.

The School of architecture is composed of active and prolific staffs including full-time teachers, laboratory technicians and foreign specialists all from famous universities in China and overseas. The School works closely with students, teaching the skills required to expand the limits of practice and debate the possibilities of the disciplines. The School now provides several research institutions to support the teaching work (Institute of Architectural Design and Research; Institute of Urban Planning and Design; Institute of Chinese Architectural Culture; Engineering Lab of Energy-saving Design and technology in Henan Province).

The School now offers undergraduate and master programs in architecture, urban and rural planning as well as landscape architecture. Students are taught by the best teachers, researchers and professionals in this field. The school research and teach using specialist labs in Zhengzhou University but also try to strengthen cooperation and academic exchanges with famous universities abroad and quicken the reform in education-running, which offers more opportunities for students to learn both Chinese and foreign architectural knowledge.

Program offered in School of Architecture

Degree Program Language Period
Bachelor Landscape Architecture Chinese 4
Urban Planning Chinese 4
Architecture Chinese 4
Artistic Design Chinese 4
Master Urban Planning and Design Chinese 3
Management of Urban and Rural Planning Chinese 3
Landscape Architecture Chinese 3
Building Technology Science Chinese 3
Architectural History and & heory Chinese 3
Architectural Design and Theory Chinese 3
Architecture Chinese 3
Architectural and Civil Engineering Chinese 3




Research interests


Bi Xin


Architecture design & theory;Architecture history & theory;Architecture Technology Science

Wu Di

Architecture design

Sustainable design theory and method

Wang Ying


Theory and practice of Architecture



Architectural design & theory

Chinese architectural history and historical heritage protection;

Ancient Chinese architectural art

Huang Jing


sustainable renewal of streets and neighborhoods in high-density urban areas

Xue Sihan

Landscape Architecture

Urban Microclimate, Green Architecture, Human Settlement Environment

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Master & Doctor Program:

Name:  Yan Yutao
Tel: 86-371 67781776

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Address: School of International Education, Zhengzhou University, 100 Science Avenue, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450001, P. R. China


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