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Pharmaceutical Sciences

The school has a faculty of 104, including 1 academician of Chinese Science Academy, 19 professors, and 33 associate professors. Among them, three are distinguished professors by Henan Province, 7 doctoral program advisors, and 57 master program advisors. There are also more than 20 adjunct professors. Each year more 200 undergraduate students and 150 Postgraduate students are recruited in School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Pharmaceutical Sciences is the key discipline of Henan Province, the key developing discipline in the 211 project, and discipline with postdoctoral working station. Pharmaceutical Analysis is an excellent course of Henan Province. 

The school provides multiple research platforms, including Key Lab for Critical Technology of Drug Preparation by the Ministry of Education, National Center for Safety Evaluation of Pre-clinical Drugs, Lab for Drug Quality Control and Analysis in the joint project by the state and provinces, Henan Key Lab for Drug Quality Control and Analysis, Henan Research Center for Chemical Drug Engineering, Henan Research Center for Traditional Drug Preparation Technology, Henan Research Center for University Pharmaceutical Engineering, Zhengzhou Key Lab for Pharmaceutics. 

The school has a number of technical platforms equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for pharmaceutical research. It has undertaken more than 30 national research projects, including key project from National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), national “863” projects, National Key Technologies R&D Program, and State project for essential drug research and development. The fund over 10 million will be granted each year. The school has obtained 5 novel drug approvals, more than 30 issued patents, and has published 500 research papers and 20 textbooks. The school has focused on technology transition to pharmaceutical industry and has developed more than 20 new products, which resulted in good social and economic achievements.

The School has extensive cooperation and communication with universities, research institutes, and pharmaceutical enterprises world wide.

The first-class teaching and research environment here provides good platform to educate comprehensive and top-level students in pharmaceutical sciences. There are two undergraduate programs offered in School of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Bachelor of Pharmacy(Pharmaceutical Sciences), and Bachelor of Pharmaceutics; eight postgraduate programs: Master of Medicinal Chemistry, Master of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Master of Pharmacology, Master of Pharmaceutics, Master of Pharmacognosy, Master of Microbiology and Biochemical Pharmacy, and Master of Pharmacy Administration; and one doctorate program: Doctor in Medicinal Chemistry.

Programs Offered in School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Category Program Name Research Area Medium of Instruction Duration
Bachelor Program Pharmacy 01 Pharmacy  Chinese & English 4 Years
Pharmaceutics 02 Pharmaceuticsy
Master Program Medicinal Chemistry 01 Research of Drug Design and Synthesis Chinese & English 3 Years
02 Research of Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry
03 Research of Drug Synthetic Method
04 Research of Sugar-Derived Chiral Druss
05 Research of the Separation and Analysis of Chiral Drugs
Pharmaceutics 01 Novel Drug Delivery System Chinese & English 3 Years
02 Biopharmaceutics
Pharmmacognosy 01 Research of Chemical Constituents of Chinese Traditional Medicine Chinese & English 3 Years
02 Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine
03 Medicinal Chemistry of Natural Products
Pharmaceutical Analysis 01 Chromatographic Analysis of Pharmaceuticals Chinese & English 3 Years
02 Biopharmaceutical Analysis and Its Metabolic Analysis
03 Drug Quality Control and Research
04 Drug Analysis and Drug Quality Standards
Microbial Biochemical Pharmacy 01 Microbial Biotransformation for the New Drug Discovery Chinese & English 3 Years
02 Molecular Biology and Biochemical Pharmacy
Pharmacology 01 Pharmacokinetics for New Drug Development Chinese & English 3 Years
02 Biochemical Pharmacology
03 Cardiovascular and Endocrine Pharmacology
04 Tumor and Molecular Pharmacology
05 Clinical Evaluation and Rational Use of Drugs
Pharmacy Administration 01 Medical Economic Management Chinese & English 3 Years
02 Drug Quality Management
03 Pharmacy Marketing
04 Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and Regulation
Pharmacy 01 Quality Control of Drugs Chinese & English 3 Years
02 Safety Evaluation of Drugs 
03 Monitoring of Drug Adverse Reactions(ADR)
04 Research of Clinical Pharmacy
05 Research of the Key Technology of Drug Preparation
Doctor Programs Medicinal Chemistry  Design, Synthesis and Biological Study of Epigenetic Drug, Identification of Novel Drug Target  English 4 Years
Drug Design and Preparation  Chinese 4 Years
Anti-viral phosphonated nucleosides research Chinese 4 Years
Development of new anti-tumor drug  English 4Years
Identification of Novel Drug Target and Epigenetic Drug Discovery  English 4 Years
Taditional Chinese Medicine;Design,synthesis and activity research on new drug English 4 Years
Research of Drug Design, Synthesis and SAR English 4 Years
Pharmaceutics  Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and Drug Targeted Delivery  English 4 Years
New targeted drug delivery system  English 4 Years
Molecular Pharmaceutics  Chinese/English 4 Years
Multi-mechanism Tumor-targeted Therapy English 4 Years
Tumor-Targeting Drug Delivery Systems  English 4 Years
Cancer Early Diagnosis and Targeted Therapy  English 4 Years
Pharmacology  Pharmacokinetics and drug development  English 4 Years
Drug safety evaluation and rational use of drug  English 4 Years
Cardiovascular research and mechanisms and drug development  English  4 Years 
Cancer development and mechanism as well as anti-cancer drug discovery and development English  4 Years
Neuropharmacology, Pharmacology of Chemical therapy Chinese/English 4 Years 
Pharmaceutical Analysis  Drug metabolism  English  4 Years
Metabonomics  Chinese  4 Years
Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy  Programmed cell death drug therapy research  Chinese 4 Years 
Anti-viral medicine  English 4 Years

Well-Known Professor

Name  Subject Research interests Email
Hong-Min Liu Medicinal Chemistry R&D of Epigenetic Targeted New Drugs, Biological Role of Protein Post-Translational Modifications in Cancer
Qiurong, Zhang  Medicinal Chemistry Drug Design and Preparation
Fengwu Liu Medicinal Chemistry Synthesis and anticancer, antiviral activity of nucleosides and nucleotides
Wen Li  Medicinal Chemistry Development of new anti-tumor drug
Yichao Zheng Medicinal Chemistry Discovery of Druggable Target, R&D of Epigenetic Targeted New Drugs, Biological Role of Protein Post-Translational Modifications in Cancer
Chunli  Wu  Medicinal Chemistry Natural products research; Design,synthesis and activity research on new drug; Biopharmaceutical Analysis
Haiwei Xu Medicinal Chemistry Research of Drug Design, Synthesis and SAR
Zhenzhong Zhang Pharmaceutics Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and Drug Targeted Delivery
Bin Du Pharmaceutics New targeted drug delivery system
Yongxing Zhao Pharmaceutics Molecular Pharmaceutics
Lei Wang Pharmaceutics 1. Multi-mechanism tumor-targeting controlled release drug delivery system; 2. The application of liposomes vesicles in the treatment and diagnosis
Lin Hou Pharmaceutics New drug delivery systems and biomaterials; Cancer immunotherapy
Jinjin Shi Pharmaceutics Cancer early diagnosis and targeted therapy
Xiaotian Li Pharmacology 1. Pharmacokinetics and drug development; 2. drug safety evaluation and rational use of drug
Wen Zhao Pharmacology 1.Cardiovascular research and mechanisms and drug development; 2. Cancer development and mechanism as well as anti-cancer drug discovery and developments
Zhaoming Lu  Pharmacology Tumor pharmacology and tumor molecular biology
Guiqin Hou  Pharmacology Tumor pharmacology and tumor molecular biology
Qi Zhang Pharmacology Molecular mechanisms of Drug Addiction;  Drug development of chemical therapy ( including Esophageal Cancer, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis)
Xia xu Pharmaceutical Analysis Drug metabolism and metabonomics
Cheng-yun Jin Microbiology & Biochemical Pharmacy Autophagy, necroptosis, apoptosis, tumor metastasis
Zhenya Wang Microbiology & Biochemical Pharmacy Anti-viral medicine
Yuefeng Bi Natural Medicine Chemistry Natural medicine chemistry and natural medicine research and development

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Name:  Qin Shangshang
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