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Chemistry and Molecular Engineering

Founded in 1956, the School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Zhengzhou University, with the support of MOE, Henan Province government and this university, has gained great achievement in personnel training, scientific research, and social services.

Now, this school has 194 academic staff, 5 academicians (including 3 part-time academicians), 2 distinguished professors at provincial level, 1 distinguished teacher at provincial level, 59 professors, 40 associate professors, 15 senior experimenters and senior engineers, 148 full-time teachers, wherein 123 of them are PhD holders.

The school has a first-level doctor station of Chemistry, first-level discipline master station of Chemistry, mobile postdoctoral station of Chemistry, offers 4 second-level doctoral programs: Applied Chemistry, Industrial Catalysis, Medicinal Chemistry, and Chemical biology, and 5 second-level master programs: Applied Chemistry, Industrial Catalysis, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, and Environmental Science. Among them, the first-level discipline of Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, and Industrial Catalysis are the key disciplines of Henan Province. The school now is equipped with Chemical Biology and Organic Chemistry Key Laboratory in Henan province, Environmental Chemistry and Low Carbon Technology Key Laboratory, Phosphating Engineering Technology Research Center, Organophosphate Functional Molecule International Joint Laboratory, Energy and Environment International Joint Laboratory.

Currently, the student enrollment in the school has about 1168 undergraduates, 671 postgraduates, 94 doctors and 15 post doctors. And many of these 9000 undergraduates, 2600 postgraduates, 280 doctors, and 70 post doctors from this school are now holding important positions in the Government, the private sectors, and academic institutions.

Program in School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering

Degree Program Language Period
Bachelor Chemistry  Chinese 4
Applied Chemistry Chinese 4
Master Industrial Catalysis English/Chinese 3
Environmental Engineering English/Chinese 3
Environmental Science & Engineering English/Chinese 3
Analytical Chemistry English/Chinese 3
Chemistry English/Chinese 3
Chemical Biology English/Chinese 3
Inorganic Chemistry English/Chinese 3
Physical Chemistry English/Chinese 3
Applied Chemistry English/Chinese 3
Organic Chemistry English/Chinese 3
Pharmaceutical Analysis English/Chinese 3
Medicinal Chemistry English/Chinese 3
Doctor Industrial Catalysis English/Chinese 4
Analytical Chemistry English/Chinese 4
Inorganic Chemistry English/Chinese 4
Physical Chemistry English/Chinese 4
Applied Chemistry English/Chinese 4
Organic Chemistry English/Chinese 4
Medicinal & Chemistry English/Chinese 4

Well-known Professor

Name Subject Research interests Email
Runping Han Analytical Chemistry Environmental Analytical Chemistry; Separation by adsorption; Removal of pollutants from solution
Ye Yong Chemical biology Fluorescent probe
Zhongjun Li  Chemistry Inorganic Material Chemistry
Zhang Jianmin Chemistry Energy Electrochemistry, Material Electrochemistry
Li Tiesheng Chemistry Nano- catalystic Films; Poly- diacetylene Derivatives
Xiaolan Chen Chemistry Phosphorous Chemistry
Hongwei Hou Chemistry CoordinationChemistry
Shuang-Quan Zang Chemistry Metal-Organic Frameworks; Coinage Metal Cluster Chemistry
Zhaohui Li Chemistry Bioanalytical Chemistry
Xiuling Cui Chemistry Organic synthesis
Kim Jung Keun Chemistry Organic Synthesis and Methodology,
Hongping Li Computational Chemistry (1) Synthesis of nanoscale materials (2)  Molecular dynamics
Lingbo Qu Chemistry/Biology Computational Chemistry;Bioinformatics;Analytical  Chemistry
YangGuang Inorganic Chemistry Functional Coordination Materials
Mao-Ping Song Organic Chemistry Organometallic Chemistry, Asymmetric Catalysis, C-H activation
Xin-Qi Hao Organic Chemistry Organometallic Chemistry, Asymmetric Catalysis, Supramolecular Assembly
Xinju Zhu Organic Chemistry Organometallic Chemistry, C-H Functionalization, Polymer Self-Assembly
Zheng Duan Organic Chemistry Organophosphorus
Gong Jun-Fang Organic Chemistry Organometallic chemistry,homogeneous catalysis including asymmetric catalysis.
François Mathey Organic Chemistry Organophosphorus
Yan Hu Thermoelectric Materials conducting polymers; thermoelectricity; superhydrophobicity; nanoparticles
Baojun Li Physical Chemistry Catalysis and materials for hydrogen energy
Yongzhu Fu Physical Chemistry Electrochemical energy materials
Zhongyi Liu Physical Chemistry Catalysis and materials for hydrogenation

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Name:  Liu Chenxiang
Tel: 86 371 67781815

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