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Water Conservancy and Environment

In May 2022, the School of Water Conservancy Science & Environment and the School of Civil Engineering merged into The School of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering of Zhengzhou University.

School of Water Conservancy and Environment, originally the Department of Water Conservancy, was established in 1959. It has 149 full-time academic stuffs of which 3 are chair professors, 36 professors, 51 associated professors and 86 faculty members with doctoral degrees.

It now offers 6 undergraduate programs in the field of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering, Environmental engineering, Water supply and Drainage Science and Engineering, Geographic Information Science and Road Bridge and River-crossing Engineering. Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering is one of the national and provincial first featured disciplines. The school is entitled to confer doctoral degrees and master’s degrees, and with a Water Resources and Hydropower engineering doctoral mobile research station attached to it. Under the classification of a first-level discipline of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering, there are 7 doctorial programs. Under the classification of a first-level discipline of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering and Environmental Science and Engineering, there are 12 master programs.

School of Water Conservancy and Environment has 9 scientific and research centers of provincial and ministry level, 2 innovation teams of provincial and ministry level, 1 science and technology innovation team of municipal level. With such a sound academic atmosphere, the school has assumed about 50 national research programs. It got 4 National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology and some other 20-odd provincial prizes in the past years.

Program offered in School of Water Conservancy and Environment

Degree Program Language Period
Bachelor Water-supply and Drainage Engineering Chinese 4
Water Conservation and& Hydropower Engineering Chinese 4
Geographical Information System Chinese 4
Environmental Engineering Chinese 4
Road Bridge and River Crossing Engineering Chinese 4

Environmental Engineering Chinese 3
Highway and Railway Engineering Chinese 3
Master of Traffic and Transportation Engineering Chinese 3
Transportation Planning and Management Chinese 3
Harbor,Coastal and Offshore Engineering Chinese 3
Engineering Safety and Protection Chinese 3
Hydraulic Structure Engineering Chinese 3
Hydraulic Engineering Chinese 3
Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering Chinese 3
Water Conservancy Engineering Chinese 3
Hydraulics and River Dynamics Chinese 3
Hydrology and Water Resources Chinese 3
Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering
and Protective Engineering
Chinese 3
Architectural and Civil Engineering Chinese 3
Structural Engineering Chinese 3
Municipal Engineering Chinese 3
Geotechnical Engineering Chinese 3
land resources management Chinese 3
Doctor Engineering Safety and Protection Chinese 4
Hydraulic Structure Engineering Chinese 4
Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering Chinese 4
Water Conservancy Engineering Chinese 4
Hydrology and Water Resources Chinese 4

Well-known Professor



Research interests


Wang fuming

Hydraulic Engineering

Nondestructive Testing and Fast Repairing Technology of Water Conservancy and Transportation Infrastructure

Zening Wu

Hydrology and Water Resources

Water Resources Optimal Allocation

Qiting Zuo

Hydrology & Water Resources

Water Resources Management and Protection

Ming Dou

Hydrology and Water resources

Water environmental protection, water resources planning and management

Caihong Hu

Hydrology and Water resources

Hydrological analysis, watershed hydrological model, water resources allocation and plan

Chengcai Zhang

Water Conservancy Information Technology

Application of water conservancy information technology, Remote sensing technology and application

Wang Bo

Water conservancy engineering

Hydraulic structure and Geotechnical engineering a-seismic

Zongkun Li

Water conservancy

Risk assessment and management of water conservancy

Peng Zhang

Hydraulic Structure Engineering

Cement based composites reinforced with fibers or nano-particles, Mechanical properties, durability and fracture performance of high performance concrete

Shi Mingsheng

Geotechnical engineering

Detection and repair of geotechnical and underground engineering

Chaode Yan

Water conservancy information technology

Water resources mapping and visualization; Water information analysis.

Zongmin Wang


Remote sensing and GIS application in water resource and environment, Extreme precipitation and flood under the urban expansion and climate change, Urban land use change and eco-environment effect analysis, Internet and data mining

Bei Zhang

Pavement Engineering Geotechnical Engineering

Testing and repairing theory and technology for traffic and geotechnical Infrastructures

Xinjian Guan

Hydrology and Water Resources

Water resources allocation and management, Water ecological construction

Jianhua Ping

Hydrology and water resources

Groundwater system, Surface water-groundwater interactions, Geothermal science and engineering

Huiliang Wang

Hydrology and water resource

Urban flood risk and management

Shengqi Jian

Hydrology and water resource

Ecohydrology, GIS

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Bachelor Program:

Name:  Liu Chenhui
Tel: 86 371 67783171/ Mobile: 86 13663719707

Master & Doctor Program:

Name:  Ping Jianhua
Tel: 86 13838357221

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