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School of Agricultural Science

The School of Agricultural Sciences (SAS), established in July 2018, is jointly founded by Zhengzhou University (ZZU) and the Institute of Cotton Research of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (ICR-CAAS). As one of independent departments for teaching and academic activities in ZZU, the SAS is currently offering different levels of degree programs, including Bachelor degree in Plant Science and Technology, and Master degree in Crop Science, and Doctoral degree in Plant biology, and as well as the Postdoctoral training program.

The SAS aims to carry out scientific research on basic agricultural sciences and innovate key agricultural technologies. The Crop Science in ZZU is a recently approved discipline in 2017, which is obviously characterized with close connections between traditional agricultural sciences and modern biotechnologies, and now is opened for global students as a Master program. This discipline at the SAS is mainly involved in Plant genetics and genomics, Plant physiology and biochemistry, Plant molecular breeding, and Plant germplasm creation, Plant disease and protection, Crop planting and soil tillage, and so on. Meantime, the SAS is also offering the great opportunity for international students pursuing for Doctoral degree and Postdoctoral training in Plant biology.

At present, the SAS has around 70 staff and faculty, including more than 30 professors, and 25 associate professors and associate research fellows. Up to 65 staff and faculty hold a doctorate degree. Until now, more than 100 students are studying for doctoral and master degree in the SAS-ZZU.

Program offered in School of Agricultural Sciences

Program Name

Research Area

Medium of Instruction



Crop Science

Crop Genetics and Breeding

Chinese & English

3 Years

Crop Cultivation and Farming System




Chinese & English

4 Years

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Well known Professors



Research interests


Jinyong Huang

Biology&Crop Science

Plant physiology and molecular markers of agronomic traits in crops and medicinal plants

Baoming Tian

Biology&Crop Science

Crop genetic engineering and improvements

Fang Wei

Biology&Crop Science

Genetic regulation of plant meiosis in polyploids

Ruqiang Xu

Biology&Crop Science

Cell Signaling and Genetic Engineering

Haiyang Zhang


Sesame genomics and molecular genetics

Gongyao Shi

Biology&Crop Science

Plant genetic engineering and improvements

Xiongming Du


Plant germplasm and plant genetics ,genemics and bioinformatics

Fuguang Li


Cotton Biotechnology,somatic embryogenesis, abiotic stress-resistant gene function study and cotton genomics research

Yongshan Zhang


Cotton genetic engineering and molecular breeding

Sanwen Huang


Whole genome design and breeding of cash crops


Master & Doctor Program

Name:  Zheng Xiao
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