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Life Science

The School of Life Science, established in 2001, aims to be a research-oriented school in life science. There are 78 members in School of Life Science; including 2 part-time academicians, 10 doctoral supervisors, 18 professors, 17 associate professor and 50 academic staff with doctor degree in the field of life science.

The research areas focuses on medicine, traditional biology, bioengineering and ecology, The main research fields are tumor biology and immunology, genetic engineering, biochemistry, new drugs development, animal ecology and biodiversity, physiology and ecology of plant, plant taxonomy and protection, rapid detection technology, and microbial fermentation and metabolic engineering, tobacco microbiology. At present, many important scientific projects with more than ¥20 million grants are undertaken in our school. Such as the National “973” Plan, Major Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, National “948” project, National Special Fund for Science and Technology in the Public Interest, National Transgenic Major Project, and Natural Science Foundation of China.

The School offers three undergraduate programs: Biotechnology, Bioengineering and Bio-informatics, and prepare students for careers in science and health related fields, as well as for postgraduate studies in biological, ecological and agricultural science and doctor program of bio-informatics. The School has currently 925 full-time undergraduate students, 233 full-time postgraduate students and 27 part-time postgraduate students of engineering.

The School of Life Science has the tradition on valuing its teaching quality with its provincial teaching teams and advanced courses. The Lab Center of Biological Sciences and Technology, with an area of 3000 m2, is available for students to make experiments. With 130,000 insect specimens, its Insect Collections is the largest one in Henan province. The School now carries out several national and provincial life science research projects and makes great achievements in the professional fields.

Besides, the School aims to provide the finest education and research training to students, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. To accomplish this goal, we have modernized our teaching materials as well as teaching philosophy. Rather than bombarding students with endless textbooks, we teach students the logic and method of active learning.

Program offered in School of Life Science


Program Name

Research Area

Medium of Instruction


Bachelor Program


01 Bioengineering


4 Years


01 Biotechnology


4 Years


01 Bioinformatics


4 Years

Master Program


01 Molecular Regulation of Plant Traits

Chinese & English

3 Years

02 Plant Molecular Biology

03 Plant Resources and Systematics

04 Plant Physiology and Biochemistry


01 Animal Ecology and Conservation

Chinese & English

3 Years

02 Molecular Ecology and Bioinformatics

03 Pathogen Molecular Biology


01 Microbial Pharmaceutics and Metabolic Engineering

Chinese & English

3 Years

02 Tobacco Bioengineering

03 Microbial Application Technology

Cell Biology

01 Systems Biology of Hematopoiesis

Chinese & English

3 Years

02 Immunology of Cancer Cell

03 Molecular Cell Biology of Cancer

04 Animal Molecular Immunology

05 Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

Biochemistry Molecular Biology

01 Molecular Immunology and Immuno-regulation

Chinese & English

3 Years

02 Tumor Immunity and Polypeptide Drugs

03 Stem Cells and Genetic Engineering Drugs

04 Molecular Recognition and Biological Signal Sensing

05 Food Biotechnology

06 Research and Development of Feeding Probiotics

Crop Genetics and Breeding

01 Plant Genetic Engineering

Chinese & English

3 Years

02 Plant Cell Engineering

03  Environmental Interaction with Abiotic Stress of Plants


01 Cell Engineering and Genetic Engineering Drugs

Chinese & English

3 Years

02 Biochemistry and Bioengineering Drugs

03 Microbial Engineering and Microbial Transformation

04 Tobacco Bioengineering

05 Animal Biotechnology

06 Plant Biotechnology

Doctoral Program


01 Immunity Information Technology and Epitope Screening

Chinese & English

4 Years

02 Systems Biology of Hematopoiesis

03 Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering

04 Ecological Bioinformatics

05 Peanut Molecular Biology and Exploration of Wild Germplasm Genetic Information Resources

06 Medical Bioinformatics


01 Cell biology

02 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

03 Animal Ecology and Bio-diversity

Well-known Professor



Research interests


Qiaozhen Kang

Molecular biology

Functional study of protein 4.1 family membersImmunoregulationand drug discovery

Fangxia Guan

Cell Biology

Stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, cancer research

Zhenlong Wang


Adaptation and evolution of subterranean rodents

Xu Ruqiang


Plant Molecular Biology

Huifang Cui


Biosensors and Nanotechnology

Jian Wu


Fermentation and environment treatment

Jiqi Lu


Behavioral Ecology and Conservation of Primates. Co-evolution of Animals and Plants

Guifu Dai

Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics

Drug Discovery; Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics; Microbial Production

Tian Baoming

Plant genetics & breeding

Genetic engineering & crop improvements

Wei Fang

Plant cytogenetics

Meiosis in polyploid plants

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Bachelor Program:

Name: Zhang Jing 
Tel:  86 371 67781325

Master & Doctor Program:

Name:  Li Guihua
Tel: 86 371 67780920

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