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Public Administration

The School of Public Administration of ZZU was established in April, 2001. Since its establishment, this school, with the help of all its staffs and students, has gained great progress in personnel training, construction of faculty team, discipline construction, scientific research and international exchange and cooperation.

Today, this school has 93 academic staff, including 78 full-time teachers, 19 professors, 36 associated professors, wherein the teachers who have gained PhD account for 65% of the total. And many of them have held concurrent post in many important social and governmental organizations and academic communities.

The school offers five undergraduate programs: Administration, Human Resources Management, Public Affairs Management, Social Work, and Philosophy. It also provides master programs and doctor programs. At the same time, the school possesses two of Henan Key Disciplines and two key research bases of Humanities & Social Science of Henan Tertiary Education.

The school has devoted to scientific research, since its first day, lots of high-quality scientific research achievements have been gained, including 40 research programs sponsored by National Social Science Foundation, 50 published academic books, 1200 published papers, and 200 scientific prize rewards. This school is also equipped with abundant books and advanced facilities, which can meet all of the learning needs from students.

This school has frequent foreign cooperation and exchange with other international universities; it becomes more and more international, and attaches importance to the innovation of talent training patterns, contributing great to training excellent talents of public administration, and to this whole society.

Program offered in School of Public administration

Degree Program Language Period
Bachelor Social Work Chinese 4
Administration Chinese 4
Public Affairs Management Chinese 4
Philosophy Chinese 4
Master Master of Social Work Chinese 3
Sociology Chinese 3
International Politics Chinese 3
Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement Chinese 3
Political Science Chinese 3
Political Theory Chinese 3
Chinese and Foreign Political Institution Chinese 3
MPA Chinese 3
Science of Public Management Chinese 3
Social Security Chinese 3
Administration Management Chinese 3
Ethics Chinese 3
Philosophy of Marxism Chinese 3
Foreign Philosophy Chinese 3
Chinese Philosophy Chinese 3
Science of Religion Chinese 3
Doctor Public Management Chinese/English 4

Well-known Professor



Research interests


Qin Guomin


Political Theories, China's Political Development, Identify and Government governance innovation

Fan Hongmin

Public Administration

Local Social Governance

Zhanle LI


Public Participation, Non-Profit Organization, Public Policy

Ding Huixia

Public Administration

Public Economics, Anti-poverty, Government Performance Evaluation & Regional Coordination

Ma Runfan

Public Administration

Identify and Social participation;Identify and Government governance innovation

Wang Jinfeng

Public Administration

Public Safety and Crisis Management

Yu Li

Public Management

International Public Affairs &National Security

Xia Defeng

Public Management

Government Governance, and Regional Political Development

Liu Xiaojing

Public Management

Government Governance, and Regional Political Development

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Bachelor Program:

Name:  Wei Xiaoya
Tel: 86 371 67783131

Master & Doctor Program:

Name:  Li Weiwei
Tel: 86 371 67781562

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Address: School of International Education, Zhengzhou University, 100 Science Avenue, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450001, P. R. China


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