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Electrical and Information Engineering

Program of information and communication engineering are transferred from previous School of Information Engineering to School of Electrical and Information Engineering.

The School of Electrical Engineering of Zhengzhou University was founded in March, 1959, and its predecessor was the former Department of Electrical Engineering. With the hard work of several generations, this school has established a talent-training system with high-qualified teachers, and has contributed great to the society in talent training, scientific research, and social services. Now it can offer undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral program.

School of Electrical Engineering has Control Science and Engineering station for post-doctoral research, and first-level discipline doctoral program of Control Science and Engineering (covering 5 second-level discipline doctoral programs), 2 first-level master programs: Electrical Engineering, Control Science and Engineering (covering 10 second-level master programs), 2 engineering master programs. As for undergraduate level, this school offers four programs: Electric Engineering and Automation, Automation, Biomedical Engineering, and Track Traffic Signal and Control.

This school possesses 6 state key laboratories of 211 project, 2 state key laboratories of Henan Province, and undertakes 863 national projects including those supported by National Natural Science Foundation.

Now the school has 100 faculty members, including 22 professors, and 35 associate professors, wherein 41 of them are PhD holders. Currently, the student enrollment in the school has about 2000 undergraduates, 300 postgraduates and doctors, many of the graduates are now holding important positions in state grid, power plants and power supply companies.

Program offered in School of Electrical Engineering

Degree Program Language Period
Bachelor Electrical Engineering and Automation Chinese/English 4
Automation Chinese 4
Biomedical Engineering Chinese 4
Master Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering Chinese 3
Electrical Machines and Electrical Apparatus Chinese 3
Power Electronics and Power Drives Chinese 3
Power System and its Automation Chinese 3
Electrical Engineering (Academic/Professional) Chinese 3
High Voltage and Insulation Technology Chinese 3
Systems Engineering Chinese 3
Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment Chinese 3
Control Engineering Chinese 3
Control Science and Engineering (Academic/Professional) Chinese 3
Control Theory and Control Engineering Chinese 3
Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering Chinese 3
Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems Chinese 3
Doctor Electrical Machines and Apparatus Chinese 4
Control Science and Engineering Chinese/English 4
Electrical Theory and New Technology Chinese 4

Well-known Professor

Name Subject Research interests Email
Si Jikai Electrical Engineering

1.Theory and Control of Special Motor;
2.Motor Energy Saving and New Energy Generation Technology, etc.
Lina Yao Electrical Engineering; Control Science and Engineering Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control of dynamic systems, Stochastic distribution control, Robotic control
Shi Li Control Science & Engineering

1.Analysis & Processing of biological neural signals;
2.Pattern recognition & Brain Inspired Computing
Jing Liang Control Science and Engineering Computation intelligence

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Bachelor Program:

Name:Zhao Xiaoxiang
Tel: 86 371 67783112/ Mobile: 86 13838565160

Master Doctor Program:

Name: Lianghui Dong
Mobile: 86 13838302597

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