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The Zhengzhou University School of Stomatology was established in 1985. It began as the department of stomatology of Henan Medical University and eventually evolved into the current institution. It is now, a unique combination of teaching, clinical service, research, and preventive oral care. It is comprised of not only the School but a hospital and a research institute.

The School has a staff of over 130, among them, 11 professors, 27 associate professors, and 29 doctor degree holders. The School has nearly 400 full-time undergraduate & 100 postgraduate students. It undertakes clinical work, as well as teaching and research tasks, and offers a variety of programs for domestic and overseas undergraduates and postgraduates, and is the only school authorized for stomatology PhD programs in Henan province.

The Zhengzhou University School of Stomatology has long pioneered new educational systems as they are needed, including combined programs for undergraduate and postgraduate doctoral degrees. The current educational system includes: the 8-year master program, the 5-year bachelor program for domestic and international students, and the 3-year program for technician training.

Currently, the School of Stomatology is composed of 16 academic sections, 10 clinical departments, and two technical laboratories. It boasts 130 dental seats for daily clinical service, and 30 patient beds. On average, more than 110,000 total patients are served per year. All told, it is a large stomatological hospital in Henan China.

The Stomatology Hospital has some first class equipment, such as the imported root canal microscope, periodontal endoscope system, digital panoramic roentgenography, ultrasound bone knife, Mulor microscopy for operation, swing saw, TMJ endoscope and plasma operation system.

The School has been pioneering and continuing leading new initiatives in Henan China as a key leading institution and also acting as a window and a bridge to connect to the world in the field of oral health education, clinical service, research and preventive care.

Program offered by School of Stomatology

Degree Program Language Period
Bachelor Stomatology Chinese/English 4
Master Clinical Stomatology Chinese/English 3
Doctor Surgery (Stomatology) Chinese/English 4

Well-known Professor

01 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Tutors: He Wei, Zhu Baoyu, Sun Minglei, Sun Qiang, Zhao Junjun, Li Rui, Li Wenlu, Sun Jingjing, Liu Yiming, Fu Kun, Zheng Lian.
02 Orthodontics
Tutors: Yu Weiwei, Qiao Yiqiang, Zhang Yuelan, Cui Shuxia.
03 Oral Implantology
Tutors: Zhu Juanfang, Wu Haoyang, Du Tianfeng.
05 Dentistry and Pulpopathy
Tutors: Xiao Yan, Chu Jinpu, Wang Jing, Liu Xuejun, Liu Jin, Wang Suping.
06 Periodontology
Tutors: Xue Peng, Qin Hongxia, Chen Dong, Zhao Hongyu.
07 Prosthodontics
Tutors: Cheng Tao, Yang Wenli.
08 Children's Stomatology
Tutor: Gao Li

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Name: Ms. Yu Qian
Tel: +86 13783621730

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