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Information Engineering

In October 2021, the School of Computer and Artificial Intelligence was born from School of Information Engineering. The School of Software was merged into the School of Computer & Artificial Intelligence and (the School of) Software (hereinafter referred to as the "School"). And the National Supercomputing Zhengzhou Center (hereinafter referred to as "Supercomputing Center") was placed under the umbrella of the School of Computer and Artificial Intelligence. The establishment of the School is an important strategic measure to serve the major needs the development of the country and Henan.

Most of programs except information and communication engineering, are stil offered in the School. Program of information and communication engineering are transferred to School of Electrical and Information Engineering.

The School of Information Engineering was one of major schools in ZZU. Currently the school has two post-doctoral research stations of Information & Communication Engineering and Software Engineering, 10 master of science programs, 4 master of engineering programs, 4 undergraduate programs. The school hosts 3 key laboratories of Henan, 6 student innovation laboratories (such as Intelligent Robot Lab, Smart Home Lab,etc.), and 14 teaching laboratories.

There are 130 full-time academic member, including 34 professors; 70 of them are PhD holders; and 1 of them is the member of 100-Talent Program. Currently, the school, with the largest student enrollment in ZZU, has about 6977 undergraduates, 440 postgraduates, and 41 doctors.

The School of Information Engineering has collaborated with University of Wollongong, Australia, University of Magdeburg, Germany and other 10 universities to offer a number of joint programs. Eligible undergraduates can choose to pursue their master degree in these universities free from examination

In the recent three years, the school has hosted and completed more than 70 scientific research projects, won more than 20 scientific and technological rewards, and achieved over 40 foreign and domestic patents.

Program offered in School of Information

Category Program Name Research Area Medium of Instruction Duration
Bachelor Degree Communication Engineering 01 Communication Engineering Chinese 4 Years
Electronic Information Engineering 01 Electronic Information Engineering Chinese 4 Years
Computer Science and Technology 01 Computer Science and Technology Chinese 4 Years
Software Engineering 01 Software Engineering Chinese & English 4 Years
Master Program Optics 01 Optoelectronic Materials and Devices (Including Semiconductor Materials And Devices), A New Generation Of Optical Communication Technology Chinese 3 Years
Information and Communication Engineering 01 Communication Signal Processing Chinese 3 Years
02 Broadband Wireless Mobile Communications
03 Intelligent Information Processing
04 Optical Communication and Optoelectronic Information Processing
05 Biomedical Signal Processing
06 Embedded Intelligent Terminal
07 Modern Electronic Systems and Integration
Software Engineering 01 Intelligent System and Software Intelligent Technology Chinese 3 Years
02Software Formal Method and Model Detection
03 Multimedia Application System and Software Middleware
04 Cloud Computing and Software Architecture
Computer Science and Technology 01 Information Security Chinese 3 Years
02 Data Mining and Machine Learning
03 Natural Language Processing
04 Cloud Computing and Big Data Processing
05 Future Next Generation Internet Technology
06 Multimedia and Virtual Reality Technology
Integrated Circuit Engineering 01 Integrated Circuit Design And CAD Chinese 3 Years
02 EDA Technology and Application
03 Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Electronic and Communication Engineering 01 Signal Processing Technology and Application Chinese 3 Years
02  Wireless Mobile Communication Technology
03 Intelligent Control and Embedded System
04 Intelligent Interaction and Image Processing Technology
05 Biomedical Information Processing Technology
06 Optical Communication and Optoelectronic Information Technology
07 Integrated Circuit Design
Software Engineering 01 Intelligent Software Development Technology and Application Chinese 3 Years
02 Software Services & Applications
03 Cloud Computing Platform and Mobile Platform Software Development Technology
04 Development of Multimedia Software
Computer Technology 01 Intelligent Information Processing Chinese 3 Years
02 Machine Learning and Data Mining
03 Information Security
04 The Next Generation Internet Technology and Application
05 Chinese Information Processing Technology
06 Graphic and Scientific Visualization / Machine Vision / Digital Media Technology



Information and Communication Engineering 01 Intelligent Information Processing Chinese & English 4 Years
02 Communication Signal Processing
03 Broadband Wireless Communication and Signal Processing
Software Engineering 01 Automata Theory and Model Verification Chinese & English 4 Years
02 Data Mining and Machine Learning

Well-known Professor

Name Research Field Research interests Contact Remarks
Liu, jian Computer Science Computer Applied Technology +86-18538712848;
Xiaonan Yang Electrical Engineering Integrated Circuits; Microfluidic chip; Semiconductor devices.; 15838135708; a
Hongying Zan Computer Science & Technology Natural Language Processing 13523588776;
Tie/Yun Information Processing and Analysis Immersive Virtual Reality;
Lang Cao Electronic Information Engineering Complex Network Theory, Sociophysical Models,  Evolutionary Games
Xu Zhang Physical Electronics Nano photonics +8613937155282,
Ma Ling Computer Science and Technology Image processing and analysis ;Machine learning; Pattern recognition; 86-371-67781543
Jiang Huiqin Information and Communication Engineering Medical image processing and analysis, Machine learning; Pattern recognition; 86-371-67739503
Yang Shouyi Information and Communication Engineering Broadband Wireless Communications; 67781493

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Name:  Ms. Wang Yongmei
Tel: +86 67783097

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