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Mechanical and Power Engineering

Established in 1959, the School of Mechanical Engineering now has become one of the largest in Zhengzhou University in terms of students and faculty. There are 143 teaching and research staffs and over 4000 student. The School has core strengths in the traditional mechanical manufacturing, industrial design, vehicle engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering. Mechanical Engineering is the Key Discipline of Henan province, aiming to cultivate excellent engineers. The School provides one doctoral program for aircraft structure safety engineering postgraduates and five postgraduate programs for student.

The School has access to a number of laboratories that enhance the learning process through advance technology and hands-on experience. The Lab Center and Engineering Training Center are available for students to practice their professional skills and receive training from teachers and experts. The School has one innovative scientific team--Equipment Diagnosis Engineering scientific team. There are two leading Engineering Labs of Composite Structural Damage and Anti-fatigue Manufacture Technology.

Students here can cooperate and communicate with counterparts from many famous overseas universities in the US, German, Japan, Australia, Hongkong.So that they can catch up with the trend of most advanced knowledge and cutting edge technology.

Program offered in School of Mechanical Engineering

Degree Program Language Period
Bachelor Industrial Design Chinese 4
Mechanical Engineering Chinese/English 4
Master Manufacturing Engineering Chinese/English 3
Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Chinese 3
Machinery Theory and Design Chinese 3
Vehicle Engineering Chinese 3
Mechanical Engineering Chinese/English 3
Doctor Aircraft Structure Safety Engineering Chinese/English 4
Power engineering and Engineering Thermophysics Chinese/English 4

Well-Known Professor

Name Subject Field Language Email
Erliang Zhang Mechanics Aeronautical Structural Safety Engineering, Data driven modeling of mechanical system, Signal processing English, French
 JIN Zunlong Power Engineering & Engineering Thermophysics Heat & Mass Transfer, SOFC in Chemical Process  Machinery Chinese
Thermal system optimization technology
Simulation and Optimization of Refrigeration and Cryogenic system
 WANG Dingbiao Power Engineering & Engineering Thermophysics Advanced Chemiccal Process Equipment & Technology Chinese
Industrial energy-saving technology & advanced equipment
Simulation and Optimization of Refrigeration and Cryogenic systems
Gao JianShe Mechanics Dynamical analysis & Optimization Chinese
Design of Robot
LI Cheng Mechanics Aeronautical Structural Design and Mechanical analysis Chinese
QIN Dongchen Mechanics Theory & application of digital design Chinese
TIE Ying Mechanics Aeronautical Structural Design & Mechanical analysis Chinese
Zhao Huadong Mechanics Intelligent manufacturing Chinese
Wang Junlei Power Engineering & Engineering Thermophysics Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting, Flow induced vibrations, Triboelectric Energy Harnessing, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Machine Learning,
English, Chinese

Contact the teacher

Bachelor Program:

Name:  Li Xiaoyu
Tel: 86 371 67780117/Mobile: 86 18838070660

Master & Doctor Program:

Name:  Prof. Jin Zunlong
Tel: 86 371 67781787

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Address: School of International Education, Zhengzhou University, 100 Science Avenue, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450001, P. R. China


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