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Academy of Medical Science

The Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) is a newly established scientific research institute integrating development of new scientific disciplines, cutting-edge scientific research and the recruitment of high-level talent from across the world. It mainly focuses on translation from basic medical science to clinical application to treat and prevent disease and aims to compete with the top-flight medical institutions across the world.

The current Dean of AMS is Professor Nicholas Robert Lemoine, a world-renowned expert in translational medicine and institutional direction, a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the UK, National Medical Director of UK NIHR Clinical Research Network, Director of Barts Cancer Institute and the Cancer Research UK Centre.

Devoted to scientific research in tumor prevention and treatment, AMS will establish seven new research centers with focus on the following directions:

u  Molecular Pathology

u  Infection, Inflammation and Immunology

u  Cell Signalling and Proteomics

u  Cell and Gene Therapy

u  Stem Cells and Aging

u  Experimental Medicine

u  Preventive Medicine

The AMS will adopt international standards in medical ethics, quality assurance and a new performance management system to bring out the potential of every member of academic, technical and administrative staff.

Main Responsibilities

u  Focusing on the development of academic disciplines with the highest potential for translational impact, forming strong, high-level academic teams and constructing roadmaps to tumor prevention and treatment.

u  Being responsible for the distribution of postgraduate students enrolled under the AMS through a rigorous and competitive process together with their mentorship, education and career development.

u  Being responsible for scientific research management, the construction of advanced, cross-cutting translational infrastructure platforms and laboratory bases, the promotion and translation of medical scientific research achievements, and the combination of basic medical research and clinical medical research.

u  Coordinating and managing the newly constructed, top-quality scientific research resources at both the New Campus where the Basic Medical Sciences, Institute of Pharmacy and School of Public Health are based, and the EastCampus where the Translational Research Complex and Experimental Medicine Facility are based adjacent to the First Affiliated Hospital, now the largest health provider in the world.

u  Being responsible for the day to day management of all centers and labs under its supervision.

u  Being responsible for academic cooperation and exchange with scientific research institutions abroad.

u  Promoting cross-cuttiing, integrative and collaborative innovation between medical and scientific disciplines.


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