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Journalism and Communication

The School of Journalism and Communication grew out of the former ZZU Department of Journalism which was the first higher education institute of Journalism founded in April 1984 in central China, and was renamed as the School of Journalism and Communication in June 2004. Now, the school has 6 professors and 25 associated professors, and over 50 adjunct professors from nationally well-known universities, such as communication university of China, Fudan University, Renmin University of China and etc. And the school also has invited 36 part-time supervisors with senior academic title and rich practical experience from many media institutes. Additionally, the school has signed cooperation agreement with Hanan Newspaper Group, Henan Television, Henan People Broadcasting Station and etc.

Now, the school has set up four open research institutes: ZZU Mu Qing research center, ZZU Cultural Industry Research Center, Media Development Research Center, and New Media Research Center. In recent five years, the school has gained lots of achievements: undertaking ten projects supported by National Social Science Foundation,16 provincially supported projects, and 17 academic books published by Fudan University Press, China Social and Science Press, China Radio and TV Press and etc. Now, the school provides three undergraduate programs: journalism, Science of Advertisement, Science of Radio and Television Journalism (including broadcasting and hosting), and three postgraduate programs: Journalism and Communication, Drama and Film Studies, Master of Journalism and Communication. The school has been rewarded for its discipline building, such as in 2006 the discipline of Journalism was rated as the key discipline of Henan Province, and in 2007 the major of Journalism was rated as national featured major, and so on.

The enrollment of undergraduates concerning Journalism and Communication each year is up to 260, and that of postgraduates reaches 90. Currently, there are 1042 undergraduate students at school, and the postgraduate are up to 246. In the past 30 years, the School of Journalism and Communication has trained more than 7000 talents for this whole society.

Programs offered in School of Journalism and Communication

Degree Program Language Period
Bachelor Science of Radio and Television Journalism Chinese 4
Science of Advertisement Chinese 4
Journalism Chinese 4

Chinese 3
Communication (Profession) Chinese 3
Journalism Chinese 3
 Journalism (Profession) Chinese 3

Doctor Journalism Chinese 4

Well-known Professor

Name Research Field Research interests Contact Remarks
Shuhua Zhang

New Media &Public Communication

New Media &Public Communication

Xiaowei Chen

New Media &Public Communication

Mini-Movie, film

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