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Department of Clinical Medical Laboratory Science

The Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS) was first set up to offer undergraduate program in1988, and then to offer master program in 2005. Program excellence is achieved through an experienced faculty of nationally recognized clinical laboratory professionals and commitment to providing excellence in education. There are 95 members in the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Among them, 11 are with professor level title, and 21 with associated professor level title.

There are five teaching and research sections: Clinical biochemistry, Clinical immunology, Clinical microbiology, Clinical hematology, laboratory examination, and Clinical Medical Laboratory Center Clinical Laboratory Scientists use sophisticated instruments and biochemical, microscopic, molecular and immunological techniques to analyze blood, tissues and other medical specimens. In a clinical laboratory, they use their knowledge and skills in science, biotechnology and medicine to provide essential information to physicians and other health care professionals about the presence, extent, or absence of disease, as well as effectiveness of treatment. Working in a laboratory requires excellent technical skills as well as problem solving, data analysis, computer skills and good oral and written communication. Clinical laboratory tests results provided by medical laboratory scientists are extremely important in providing objective information used by physicians and other health care providers for diagnosis and treatment. The practice of modern medicine would be impossible without the valuable services provided by medical laboratory scientists. Medical Laboratory Scientists use their biomedical expertise to:

  • Provide lab data and information to physicians to help diagnose cancer, diabetes, liver and kidney disease, drug overdoses, and many other conditions.
  • Identify pathogens and determine their susceptibility to various drugs.
  • The Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences offers a full program for the medical laboratory science. These programs prepare entry-level and advanced practitioners who intend to promote public health and safety with the delivery of quality pathology and laboratory medicine services for health care consumers. The programs have an excellent reputation for preparing students through the continuum of clinical laboratory science career options, and providing knowledge and skills to help achieve career goals.

    Medical Laboratory Scientists have a wide variety of career opportunities:
  • Hospital, physician office, veterinary, national and regional testing laboratories
  • Biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries
  • Local, State or Federal Health Agencies
  • Research and Teaching Institutions
  • Advanced degrees in medicine
  • Masters and doctoral degrees in biomedical sciences

  • Programs Offered in Department of Clinical Laboratory Science

    Degree Program Language Period
    Bachelor Medical Laboratory Science Chinese 4
    Master Medical Laboratory Diagnosis Chinese 3

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