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Liberal Arts

The school of liberal arts derives from the former Chinese department of ZZU which was founded in 1956. Then from 1963 to 2004, after several merging and separating, the school of liberal arts was established. Now, it has 73 academic staff, including 60 full-time teachers, wherein 15 professors, 35 associated professors, and 10 lecturers. And the teachers with master or PhD degree account for 85% of the total.

Since the establishment of this school, many well-known scholars have governed and worked here such as Er Yuehe, Gong Yiqun, Liu Weihan, Lan Ling and etc. At the same time, over 40 outstanding experts at home and abroad have been engaged, they often give lectures and make academic exchanges in this school.

The school offers 2 undergraduate programs: Chinese Language & Literature and International Chinese Language. In accordance with the undergraduate programs, 7 teaching and research sections are set up, including: Ancient Chinese Literature, Modern & Contemporary Chinese Literature, Foreign Literature, Theory of Literature & Art, Linguistics, International Chinese Language, and Writing. It also provides one doctorial  program in study of Chinese Classical Text, and three postgraduate programs in the fields of Chinese Literature, Art theory, and Drama & Film Studies, wherein the Chinese Literature encapsulated: Ancient Chinese Literature, Study of Chinese Classsical Text, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Comparative Literature and World Literature, Art Theory, Chinese Philology, Linguistics & Applied Linguistics, and Secretary Science; Additionally we have a provincial key specialty:Chinese Ancient literature; And we also have two Classic Courses: Chinese modern and contemporary literature and Chinese Ancient Literature; and two provincial key Arts Bases :The Center For Zhongyuan Culture Resources and Development and the Center for Zhongyuan Culture.

The school’s total enrollment of undergraduates every year is about 200, that of both postgraduates and Doctors reaches over 100, and that of the students of adult education is up to nearly 800. The School has trained for the country numerous graduates and under graduates, and many of them have become the backbones on all fronts in China.

Program offered in School of Liberal Arts

Degree Program Language Period
Bachelor International Chinese Language Chinese 4
Chinese Language and Literature Chinese 4
Master Film Chinese 3
Aesthetics Chinese 3
Drama and Film Studies Chinese 3
Theory of Literaturey  Chinese 3
Comparative Literature and World Literature Chinese 3
Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages Chinese 2
Chinese Philology Chinese 3
Secretary Science Chinese 3
Theory of Literature and Art Chinese 3
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Chinese 3
Ancient Chinese Literature Chinese 3
Study of Chinese Classsical Text Chinese 3
Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature Chinese 3
Chinese Literature Chinese 3
Doctor Study of Chinese Classsical Text Chinese 4
Theory of Literature and Art Chinese 4
Chinese Literature Chinese 4
Chinese Linguistics & Applied Linguistics Chinese 4

Well-known Professor

Name Research Field Research interests Contact Remarks

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Bachelor Program:

Name:  Liu Zhiwei
Tel: (86) 371 67783182  

Master & Doctor Program:

Name:  Lu liu
Tel: (86) 371 67780908

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Address: School of International Education, Zhengzhou University, 100 Science Avenue, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450001, P. R. China


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