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International Studies

The School of Foreign Languages was created in 2001 by merging the School of Foreign Languages and the English Teaching Offices of previous Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou University of Technology, and Henan Medical University. With years of improvement and innovation, the School has become a mature institution with a complete range of disciplines and sound teaching facilities.

The School of Foreign Languages now has over 161 full time academic staffs, including 16 professors and 65 associated professors. The School of Foreign Languages has four Departments: the Department of English, the Department of German, the Department of Russian and the Department of Japanese. The English and American Literature Research Center in the School was established as a key research base for Humanities and Social Sciences in Henan. The English major has been awarded as the “Featured Specialty in Henan”.

The school offers four undergraduate programs and four master programs: BA in English Language & Literature, BA in Japanese Language & Literature, BA in German Language & Literature, and BA in Russia Language & Literature; MA in English Language and Literature, MA of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages, MA in Comparative Literature and World Literature, and MA in English Translation. Currently more than 1100 undergraduate students and 300 postgraduate students are studying in the School.

The School believes in quality research and liberal education. Our programs emphasize quality teaching, student-based learning, interactive participation and international exposure. Students are encouraged to participate in its various international programs and exchange programs. The school has established cooperative relations with more than 20 colleges and universities at home and abroad. Each year the School employs over 10 international experts from the US, the UK, Germany, Japan and Russia, and sends about 10 young scholars to world renowned universities to visit and study. The school has signed student exchange agreements with a number of universities in Japan and Germany.

The School of Foreign Languages has cultivated lots of quality talents to the society, and will further establish vigorous platforms for more students, both at home and abroad, to make future achievements.

Programs Offered In School of Foreign Languages

Degree Program Language Period
Bachelor German Chinese& German 4
Russian Chinese& Russian 4
Japanese Chinese &Japanese 4
English Chinese & English 4
Master Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages Chinese & English 3
Master of English translation Chinese & English 3
English Language and Literature Chinese & English 3
Comparative Literature and World Literature Chinese & English 3
Doctor Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Chinese & English 4
Translation Chinese & English 4
English Language and Literature Chinese & English 4

Well-known Professor



Research interests


Gengshen Hu

Translation; Pragmatics

Eco-Translation Studies; International/Intercultural Communication Pragmatics

JIancheng Qian

Applied linguistics

Second language acquisition

Zhiwei WANG

Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Rhetoric and communication studies; Translation studies

Xiaoling Gao

Foreign Literature

Victorian Literature

Zhang, Li

American & British Literature

20th Century Women Writings; Left-Wing American Literature; The Tradition of Intellectual Writings; The Study of Susan Sontag; Aesthetic Socialism

Yang, Mingxing

Applied linguistics

Translation, diplomatic discourse analysis

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Name:  Zhang, Lili

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