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Chemical Engineering and Energy

School of Chemical Engineering and Energy was established in 1958. Originally, it was the School of Chemical Energy in Zhengzhou University of Technology affiliated to Ministry of Chemical Industry. Since its foundation, the school has groomed about 20 thousand graduates worked as higher engineering and technical personnel in China. Now the school has 167 full time academic staffs, among them 40 professors, 40 associate professors, 4 senior engineers. 1 was named national level famous teacher and 3 were named at provincial level. The school is proud to have 2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Prof. Jiongtian Liu and Prof. Jilin He, 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Junwu Chen (part-time), and 2 distinguished professors in “Cheung Kong Scholars”, Prof. Yifan Han and Prof. Yijun Cao. There are 11 PH.D. Supervisors and 106 master student supervisors (part-time included). There are also 16 persons enjoying special government allowance of the State Council, 7 model workers and prominent teachers, 2 distinguished professors of Henan province, and 2 distinguished professors of Zhengzhou University.

School of Chemical Engineering and Energy is composed of six departments, i.e., Chemical Engineering & Technology, Process Equipment & Control Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Thermal Energy & Power Engineering, Environmental Science & Engineering, and Safety Engineering. The organization structure of the school is available here.

The school now offers six undergraduate programs, which are Chemical Engineering and Techniques, Process Equipment and Control Engineering, Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Environmental Sciences and Safety Engineering. Chemical Engineering and Techniques is featured construction discipline and comprehensive reform pilot discipline of national level. Process Equipment and Control Engineering is featured construction discipline and pilot discipline of provincial level.

The school is entitled to confer PhD degrees and master degrees, with a Chemical Engineering and Technology postdoctoral mobile research station attached to it. The school has set up 16 research centers or laboratories and signed technical contracts and cooperative agreements with 50-odd enterprises, government sectors and other scientific research institutions. With a wide range of foreign exchanges, School of Chemical Engineering has established close academic relationships and exchanges with more than 20 universities in the USA, the UK, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Canada, Australia etc. it has held numerous significant academic exchange conferences both at home and abroad.

Program offered in School of Chemical Engineering and Energy

Category Program Name Research Area Medium of Instruction Duration
Bachelor's Program Chemical Engineering and Technology 01 Chemical Engineering and Technology Chinese 4 years
Pharmaceutical Engineering 01 Pharmaceutical Engineering Chinese 4 years
Process Equipment and Controlling Engineering 01 Process Equipment and Controlling Engineering Chinese 4 years
Metallurgical Engineering 01 Metallurgical Engineering Chinese 4 years
Energy and Power Engineering 01 Energy and Power Engineering Chinese 4 years
Environmental Science 06 Environmental Science Chinese 4 years
Master's Program Thermal Engineering 01 Thermal System Optimization Technology Chinese & English
3 years
02 Micro Energy Systems & Micro-scale Energy Conversion Technology
03 The Modern Use of Renewable Energy
04 Industrial Energy Saving Technology & Equipment
05 Waste Heat Recovery & Utilization Technology
Refrigeration & Cryogenic Engineering 01 Refrigeration & Cryogenic Technology & Equipment Chinese & English 3 years
02 Automatic Control Technology of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning System
03 Simulation & Optimization of Refrigeration & Cryogenic Systems
04Energy Storage Technology
05 Low Temperature Heat Pump Air Conditioning System & Technology
Chemical Process Machanism 01 Fluid Flow Heat Transfer Value Chinese & English 3 years
02 CAD/CAE/CAM Process Equipment CAD/CAE/CAM
03 Process Equipment Intensification & Control
04 Biological Separation Technology & Equipment
05 Process Equipment System Security
Chemical Engineering 01 Particles & Separation  Engineering Chinese & English
3 years
02 Chemical Thermodynamics
03 Chemical Reaction Engineering
04 Chemical Separation Engineering
05 Momentum  Heat & Mass Transfer
Chemical Technology 01 Green Processing & Use of Low Rank Mineral Resources Chinese & English
3 years
02 Catalysis &  Materials Chemical Industry
03 Fine Chemical Technology
04 Green Chemical Technology
05 Electrochemical Engineering & Technology
Biochemical Engineering 01 Renewable Energy Utilization Technology Chinese & English
3 years
02 Biotransformation & Bioreactor
Applied Chemistry 01 Fine Organic Chemicals Green Chemistry & Technology Chinese & English
3 years
02 Extraction & Application of Bioactive Substances in Natural
03 Ogano Electrochemistry Synthesis & Application
04 Synthesis & Application of Functional Materials
Industrial Catalysis 01 Development of New Catalytic Materials & New Catalytic Reactions Chinese & English
3 years
02 Green Catalysis
03 Catalytic Reaction Engineering
04 In Situ Characterization Techniques
Pharmaceutical Engineering 01 Pharmaceutical Engineering & Technology Chinese & English
3 years
02 Synthesis Process & Technology of Drugs & Intermediates
03 Extraction & Drug Separation Technology of Natural Drug
04 Pharmaceutical Preparations Engineering
05 Medicinal Chemistry
Environmental Science 01 Environmental Monitoring & Evaluation Technology Chinese & English
3 years
02 Environmental Remediation of Environmental Pollution
03 Theory & Technology of Environmental Pollution Control
04 Environmental Biology & Technology
05 Control Theory & Technology of  Water Pollution
Environmental Engineering 01 Air Pollution Control Engineering Chinese & English 3 years
02 New Waste Water Treatment Technology & Equipment
03 Clean Production Theory & Technology
04 Solid Waste Treatment & Recycling
Chemical Engineering 01 Fine Chemical Industry Chinese & English
3 years
02 Coal Chemical Industry
03 Material Chemical Industry
04 Metallurgy Chemical Industry
05 Environmental Chemical Industry
06 Biological Chemical Industry
Power Engineering 01 Thermal Engineering Chinese & English 3 years
02 Power Machinery & Engineering
03 Refrigeration & Low Temperature Engineering
04 Chemical Process Machinery
05 Petroleum & Chemical Process Equipment Energy Saving Technology
Doctoral Program Chemical Engineering 01Particle Science & Separation Engineering Chinese & English 4 years
02Membrane Separation Technology.
03Chemical Thermodynamics & Green Chemical Technology
04New Chemical Materials
Chemical Technology 01 Green Processing & Use of Low Rank Mineral Resources Chinese & English 4 years
02Reaction Engineering & Green Chemical Industry
03Fine Organic Synthesis
Biochemical Engineering 01Development & Application of Biomass Energy Technology Chinese & English 4 years
02Biotransformation of Biomass Resources
03Biological Chemistry
Applied Chemistry 01Fine Chemicals Synthesis & Catalysis Technology Chinese & English 4 years
02New Technology for Separation of Natural Products
03Reaction & Functional Polymeric Materials
Industrial Catalysis 01In Situ Characterization Techniques Chinese & English 4 years
02Catalytic & Polymer
Pharmaceutical Engineering 01Pharmaceutical Functional Materials Chemistry Chinese & English 4 years
02Pharmaceutical Engineering Technology
03Pharmaceutical New Technology & New Technology
Chemical Process Machanism 01The Key Technology of Process Equipment & System Energy Saving Chinese & English 4 years
02Renewable Energy & Energy Saving Technology
03Industrial Equipment Strengthening & CAE Technology
04Advanced Process Equipment Technology
05Equipment Diagnostics & Reliability Analysis

Well-known Professor



Research interests


Jiongtian Liu

Mineral Processing,

Chemical Engineering

Mineral beneficiation, Clean coal technology, Environmental protection and water treatment

Lingbo  Qu


Application of Modern Analytical Techniques

YiFan Han

Chemical Engineering

1.Operando spectroscopy

2.Catalytic Synthesis of Coal-based Chemicals

3. Water and Environmental Science

Guo-Ji Liu

Chemical Engineering


Green Chemical Engineering &Technology

Baozeng Ren

Chemical Engineering

Environmental friendly separation processes,

Thermodynamic for green chemical systems

TANG Jianwei

Chemical Engineering

& Technology

Resource processing and utilizing

Bing Zhang

Chemical Engineering

& Technology

Synthesis and characterization of inorganic materials and novel nanocomposites for use in Chemical and environmental fields.

Chun Chang

Chemical Engineering

Biomass conversion

Jingliang Xu

Chemical Engineering


Environmental Engineering

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Master & Doctor Program:

Name: Li Dongyang
Tel: 86 15822060286
Wechat: 15822060286

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