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The Nursing College of Zhengzhou University was initiated as the Nursing Training School of the Medical College of Henan University in 1932. The school was approved by the provincial government as the Affiliated Nursing School of Henan Medical College in 1980, and was renamed as the Affiliated Nursing School of Henan Medical University in 1985. On July 10th, 2000, the new Zhengzhou University was founded through the merger of three universities: Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou University of Technology and Henan Medical University. After the merger, the Affiliated Nursing School of Henan Medical University accordingly was renamed as the Nursing College of Zhengzhou University. It has been providing Nursing Bachelor's Degree Programs, Nursing Master's Degree Programs, and Nursing Doctor’s Degree Programs. Besides full-time education, the college also provides continuing education programs in nursing, including adult education, modern open-distance education and self-taught supporting examination.


Zhengzhou University is the only national“211 project” university in Henan Province under the administration of both the Henan Provincial Government and the State Ministry of Education. Nursing is one of the major subjects of Zhengzhou University, and thus the nursing college can share the public education resources of Zhengzhou University. The nursing college has its own campus, which covers an area of 69,930 square meters, with the construction area being 81,504 square meters. Within its own campus, there are 26 multimedia classrooms, 2 computer labs, 2 language labs, 2 body shaping rooms, and 2 academic lecture halls.

The nursing experiment and training center covers a construction area of 10,429 square meters. It consists of basic medicine labs, basic nursing Labs, specialty nursing labs, intensive care units, simulation standard rooms, multimedia demonstration rooms, multi-functional academic lecture halls, reading rooms and etc.

All clinical practice bases are well-known 3A-level general hospitals distributing inside and outside Henan Province, including the First, Second, Third, Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Henan Tumor Hospital, Henan Provincial People's Hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Changhai Hospital of the Second Military Medical University, etc. In addition, one mental hospital and several community health service centers in Zhengzhou are also selected as our clinical practice bases.


The college currently has 94 full-time teachers including 1 PhD supervisor, 18 MD supervisors, 4 visiting professors, 13 specially invited distinguished professors. The key research directions are community nursing and nursing education. Now we have established the Research Center of Community Nursing and Nursing Education in Henan, the Laboratory of Community Healthcare System in Henan, The Key Laboratory of The Senior Health Promotion in Zhengzhou. We also have 2 scientific research and innovation teams funded by the Science and Technology Department or Education Department in Henan. The researches involve Management of community chronic diseases, Long-term care of stroke survivors, Comparison of nursing education, Reform of higher nursing education and curriculum, etc.


The college pays great attention to teaching and research, focuses on the teaching quality, sets up teaching quality controlling system, establishes detailed research management regulations, and brings in incentive mechanism to encourage innovation. The college has been awarded 48 teaching and research achievement awards, including 10 provincial first prizes, 3 provincial second prizes and 9 national patents. The faculty members have published 27 SCI、SCIE、EI essays and 169 essays in the core journals of China, and have edited 70 textbooks.

Several bachelor’s education projects have been approved, such as the Comprehensive Reform of Nursing Education Project by the Ministry of Education, the provincial constructive school of feature specialty, and the provincial key discipline. The course  Medical Nursing has been rated as the provincial excellent course. The nursing experiment and training center has been awarded as the experimental teaching demonstration center of Henan province. The teaching teams of Fundamentals of Nursing and Community Nursing have been awarded as the provincial teaching team.


There are three educational levels currently: Nursing PhD Program, Nursing MD Program (including full-time Master's Degree Program and part-time Master's Degree Program), and Nursing Bachelor Program. The college also offers diverse continuing education programs, including adult education, modern open-distance education, and self-taught supporting examination. In order to prepare graduates with the personal and professional qualities required for future social needs, the college keeps exploring new teaching methods, pays equal attention to humanistic education and professional education, and balances the theoretical teaching with nursing practice.

The college attaches great importance to the student employment. Employment guidance courses have been offered and recruitment fairs have been held to help graduates get more job opportunities. The rate of employment is always the highest comparing to other nursing school in Henan. The graduates are highly praised by their employers and have earned a good reputation for the college.


The college is active in academic exchange and cooperation with national and international universities. The college has already established friendly and cooperative relations with Johns Hopkins University (US), Concordia College (US), California State University– Long Beach (US), Wilkes University (US), University of Canterbury (UK), Edinburgh Napier University (UK), Kingston/St George's University (UK), University of Wollongong (AU), Kyoto Nursing University(JP), Kansai Language College(JP), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HK), etc. Since 2000, Sino-Japan cooperative program has sent undergraduates to Japan to study and work each year. We often invite foreign professors to come to have lectures or classes while sending our teachers to study and do researches abroad. The college has also signed agreements with the Nursing College of Peking University and the Nursing College of Central South University respectively to cultivate MD and PhD postgraduates jointly.

Program offered in School of Nursing

Degree Program Language Period
Bachelor Nursing Chinese 4
Nursing English 4
Master Nursing Chinese 3
Nursing English 3
Doctor Nursing Chinese 4
Nursing English 4

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