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Regulation for International Student

1. International students must obey Chinese laws and comply with rules and regulations of Zhengzhou University; they must respect China's social morals and customs.

2.Zhengzhou University respects the ethnic customs and religious beliefs of international students, but does not provide places for religious gathering. Any religious activity, such as religious meeting, preaching, etc, is strictly prohibited on the university premises. Details in this regard can be found in “Provisions on the Administration of Religious Activities of Aliens within the Territory of The People's Republic of China”.

3. International students must obey relevant Chinese laws and regulations for activities like publishing, association, assemblies, parades, demonstrations, etc.

4. With permission from the university, international students can, within the designated locations, organize celebration activities for their nations' traditional festivals. The celebrations must not contain any verbal act against other nations, or any behavior in violation of social morals.

5. International students who drive automobiles to the university must apply for a pass from the university security office. No motorcycle is allowed within the university.

6. Unauthorized posting and spreading of propaganda and printed materials on campus is strictly prohibited.

7. Gambling, excessive drinking, physical assaulting, drug taking and trafficking, and any other behavior that disrupts the university's educational, research and life order are strictly prohibited.

8. No one is permitted to disturb the university's educational, research and life order or stop others' normal activities regulated by the university.

9. Discharging fireworks near dormitory buildings on the university premises is strictly prohibited.

10. During the school years, international students must not seek employment, do business, or engage in any other commercial activities, though they can participate in work-study programs in accordance with the university's regulations.


International students whose violation of Chinese laws constitutes a crime will be punished legally; those who break the university's rules and regulations shall face disciplinary penalties, based on the severity of the cases, in accordance with “Zhengzhou University Regulations for Dealing with Student Disciplinary Offences” and “Zhengzhou University Regulations on Campus Security”.

Once a decision on the disciplinary penalty is made, the university shall notify the student concerned; in addition, a written notice shall be sent to the diplomatic or representative organization of the students' home country inChinaor the institution from which the student has been sent. Students whose education at the university is to be terminated must return to their home countries immediately.