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Refund of Tuitions and Fees

2.1 Tuition fees paid by international students are not refundable. Only on special occasion, the university will refund part of the fees. Details of refund policies are as follows:

2.1.1 Regulations on refund for non-degree students: New non-degree students can get a refund of 50% of the tuition fees if they complete the withdrawal within 30 days (include 30 days) from the registration day. No refund after 30 days. Current non-degree students of Chinese language and culture who pre-paid for next semester tuition can get the refund of 80% of the pre-paid tuition fees. Those who have obtained extension of residence permits for next semester studies must have the residence permits cancelled in the Department of Entry & Exit Administration, Zhengzhou Police Station before the refund of tuition fees.

2.1.2 Regulations on refund for degree-students Degree students can get a refund of 50% of the first long-term semester tuition fees and all of the second long-term semester tuition fees if they complete the withdrawal within 30 days (include 30 days) from the registration day of the first semester of the academic year. Only the second semester tuition fees are refundable after 30 days. Degree students can get the refund of the second semester tuition fees, only when they complete the withdrawal and have the residence permit cancelled before the registration day of the second semester. 

2.2 Situations of no refund of tuition fees:

2.2.1 No tuition fees will be refunded to those who drop out for the following causes:

a.Those with actions in violation of Chinese laws or regulations, causing severe consequences;

b.Those with actions severely disrupting public order or the educational order of the university;

c.Those who are absent from class without approval for two or more consecutive weeks; 

d.Those with attendance of one semester less than 70% without valid reasons;

e.Those who fail to get registered with delay exceeding 2 weeks and without valid reasons.

2.2.2 Advance payment of tuition fees is not refundable for newly admitted degree students who are unable to register and study inZhengzhouUniversityor quit schooling after registration for personal reasons.

2.3 Self-funded students whose studies are suspended with the approval from the university will not have their tuition fees for the current semester refunded. Part of the unused tuition fees will be used when their studies are resumed.

2.4 Formalities of refund:

2.4.1 Cancellation of residence permit: Students who have obtained residence permits planning to quit schooling must have their visa or residence permits modified at the Department of Entry & Exit Administration of Zhengzhou Police Station within three days after submitting their drop-out requests, and have the original documents of visa modification checked by School of International Education, otherwise, no tuition fees will be refunded.

2.4.2 Self-funded students are advised to keep original payment receipts properly. According to Chinese financial and accounting regulations, those who request refund must give back their original payment receipts, otherwise refund formalities can not be conducted.