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Responsibility Pledge

      To maintain good study order at the university, protect personal security of international students and ensure they can complete their schooling smoothly, this safety reminder is hereby provided in accordance with relevant Chinese laws, codes and relevant regulations of the university. International students who violate any of the following provisions or ignore the relevant safety tips must take appropriate consequences.

       1. Comply with Chinese laws, codes and the rules and regulations of the university. Respect Chinese social morality, folkways and customs.

      2. Residence permit, its change, extension and other formalities must be settled timely in accordance with relevant provisions of public security sector.

       3. Students shall ask for permission from theSchoolofInternational Educationfor residing off campus and sign a house rental contract with the owner afterwards.

      They shall go through registration formalities with local police station within 24 hours from move-in and register with the international student office, along with a temporary residence registration sheet issued by the police station. When residing off campus, they shall comply with relevant regulations of the administrative department of the dwelling place, cause no impact on the life of nearby residents, pay attention to traffic security, public security, fire safety and personal and property safety, and pay attention to water, electricity and gas usage safety.

       4. Comply with dormitory management rules and regulations when living in dormitories on campus. Help make the dormitory a quiet and comfortable place. Do not speak loudly or play music and TV in high volume. Do not exchange/transfer rooms/beds without the consent of the dormitory management. Do not raise pets. Do not have visitors stay in the dormitories after 11:00 pm.

       5. In the dormitories, use of high-power electrical appliances like electric cooker and electric heater or those that are liable to cause fire such as electric blankets is prohibited. No open -flame utensils shall be used. Storage of flammable, explosible or toxic articles and other dangerous articles is prohibited. Smoking is prohibited indoors.

      6. Breakage, dismantling or refitting of equipment and lines in the dormitory building or rented house is prohibited. Take good care of fire facilities.

      7. Secure doors and windows when leaving your room; do not simply give your room key to somebody else to avoid unauthorized duplication.

      8. Do not go out late at night for excessive drinking or entertainment. If you do need to go out or return very late at night for something special, please tell your friends in advance and keep quiet when getting back so as not to disturb others.

      9. Utilization of your dormitory or rented house for activities against laws and university regulations is strictly prohibited.

      10. Properly keep your personal belongings safe. Deposit surplus cash in a bank; do not tell others about your bank account password. Do not leave your valuables carelessly at public places like classrooms and libraries.

      11. Strictly comply with traffic rules and regulations. Do not ride motorcycles, fuel-powered moped and high-power battery bikes. Driving a motor vehicle without license, driving a car after drinking, driving rapidly on campus and carrying someone else while biking are all strictly prohibited.

      12. Do go to a bank for currency exchange; do not exchange currency with a private store or an individual. Currency exchange with an unauthorized store is an unlawful act.

      13. To take a taxi, do choose one affiliated to an accredited taxi firm and ask for of a receipt.

      14. Do not set off fireworks and firecrackers or barbecue food on campus or in a dormitory.

      15. Swimming at non -accredited swimming places like river, lake and reservoir is strictly prohibited. Do not tour around a place in threatening natural conditions.

      16. Gambling, excessive drinking, physical fight and other behaviors that disturb the working, education, research order of the university or the normal life of the faculty and students are strictly prohibited.

      17. If the living address, contact information, etc. change,students shall update them to your office staff within 24 hours.