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Accommodation Guidance

Developing a Residence Hall Community

We believe people who live together form natural communities. We are committed to helping students learn from one another and treat each other with friendship and mutual respect. As a member of a residence hall community, you have a voice in developing expectations for each other. From negotiating "house rules" with your roommate(s), to developing community standards for the room, floor, and block to getting involved in hall government, you have an opportunity to make a difference both in your life and the lives of others. Building communities can be fun, but also may produce challenges.



There are necessary appliances in residence hall, including but not limited to desk, chair, bed facility, air conditioner, television, shower and telephone, etc. Extra appliances allowed into the residence halls are  table lamp, computer. Appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, hot pots and any open or closed heating element are NOT allowed in the residence halls. Some residence hall has a kitchenette and limited pots, pans, gas cook stoves, fridges, washing machines utensils, etc. available for residents to use. Residents should follow the right instructions and turn the gas off after each use. Residents are responsible for loss and damages of these facilities.



Residents can choose their favorite halls and rooms during application. Student, who prefer single-bed room, should submit an extra written application to Office of Housing.  Once settled, they should follow the arrangement of staff of Office of Housing. No one is allowed to change room without permission.  For double-bed room, resedents should treat each other with friendship and respect.  Any  double-bed room resident should bear the cost of the whole room, if ,for his/her personal reasons, none would share with him/her.  

A student's housing service may be modified or terminated at the discretion of the director of Housing Services or an authorized designee of the director. A student is given notice and an opportunity to discuss the basis for any proposed modification or termination of the contract with the director, or an authorized designee of the director. Reasons for modification or termination include, but are not limited to: failure of the student to comply with the terms of this regulation; involvement of the student in actions or activities detrimental to the health, safety, welfare, or security of self or other residents, or disruptive of the residence hall community.

In addition, Housing Services reserves the right to terminate or modify the terms of the service when the director of Housing Services or an authorized designee of the director learns a resident has been charged with or convicted of a crime or crimes against persons or involving any other conduct that may threaten the safety or security of other residents. Modification of the service may include, but is not limited to, moving the student to another university housing facility or restricting the student's access to housing facilities. If the services is terminated under the terms of this paragraph, the student's payment  of housing will not refund.



If you move out of your residence hall room permanently or transfer to another hall or room, you need to checkout. Checkout procedures include cleaning your room, returning all keys, completing a forwarding address card for the mailroom, being accountable for all room damages and having your residence hall staff conclude the checkout process. Failure to complete these procedures results in charges for improper checkout, lock replacement, damages that have not been assessed and daily accrued charges being assessed to your student university billing account. If you have contracted for their services, contact K-State Computing and Telecommunications Services with any residence hall change (e.g., hall or room transfer, contract cancellation, buyout, etc.).


Desk Services

All residence halls,  have 24-hour front desk service. 



You are responsible for the cleanliness of your room. Community areas such as bathrooms, lounges and hall corridors are cleaned by custodial staff, Monday through Friday. As a courtesy to others, you are expected to clean up after yourself in public areas.


Identification Card

Your University ID card bearing your name and picture is your permanent ID card to use while attendingZhengzhouUniversity. This card provides you with hall and meal access. Report lost cards immediately to the Office of the School or ID card Center. Misuse of an ID card includes loaning, falsifying or altering it in any way, or any unauthorized use of the card. Misuse can result in disciplinary action or prosecution, as well as a misuse fee by the department, as dictated by university ID misuse policy. Please carry your ID card on you at all times. You will use your card to gain access to your residence hall. If you do not have your card when entering the hall, you will need to be verified to be allowed in the building. If you have to be verified, it will be recorded on your key card. The first five ID card verifications or lockouts are free. After that, each time will cost RMB10. These charges will be added to your student university billing account.


Internet Access

On-campus residents have Internet access from both wired (Ethernet) and wireless connections. Upon completing network registration and pay, you will have access to the full University network. This connection allows you to use your personal computer to:
.AccessUniversityeducational resources 
. Retrieve course information from departmental websites
. Email professors, friends and family
. Conduct research for a class paper
. Access the Internet from the comfort of your room
Internet is the technical support help desk for students living on the campus. Our goal is to help make your technology experience throughout the school year as smooth and seamless as possible. We can assist you with network registration, connection issues, computer virus removal and general technical support for your computer, mobile device, printer or gaming device. Students are esponsible for installing and updating operating system security patches and anti-virus software on their machines. 



When a room key is reported missing or unaccounted for, the department replaces the lock cylinder to help ensure your security and the safety of others. If you lose your key(s), inform a staff member to initiate a lock change. You will be charged RMB 50 for the cost of replacing the lock in addition to the cost of creating a new key or keys. If you are locked out of your room, you may rent an extra key at the front desk. If the rental key is not returned within 24 hours, another 24-hour key loan period will be charged to you, and we may change your door lock at a cost of RMB 50
plus the key rental charge. These charges are added to your student university billing account.


Laundry Facilities

A laundry facility is available in each residence hall. To utilize the washing machines, students will need to activate the machines by swiping their ID cards through the card reader within the laundry facility. Charges for laundry will be deducted from the student's account. These accounts are declining balances. Laundry rules are posted in each laundry room, and residents are expected to follow these rules in consideration of fellow residents. Please report malfunctioning machines to your residence hall front desk staff. Tampering with and/or maliciously damaging laundry appliances or facilities is a violation of the law, university regulations and residence hall expectations. It may result in criminal prosecution and/or university disciplinary action.



All incoming mail addressed to hall residents is delivered Monday through Saturday, except on holidays. Each residence hall has a specific address. The mailing address is:
Student name
Zhengzhou University
Room Number and Hall name
Faculty Name and Campus Name
Zhengzhou,Henan, PR China



Maintenance problems in your room or elsewhere in the hall should be reported immediately to a staff member. Be specific about the problem and give the staff member permission to enter your room. Students may go to the front desk to submit a work-order request or they may report it to their resident assistant. For emergencies, student service technicians (SSTs) are available during non-business hours every day of the year.


Room Entry

Students agree to allow periodic/emergency access to their rooms by authorized personnel to determine if university property is being maintained satisfactorily, and to ensure the protection of the health and safety of all residents. Staff check each room during all university breaks. Filters are changed at major breaks. To do this maintenance needs to access the room and the space in front of the heating/air-conditioning unit.


Room Changes and Hall Transfers

Your hall assignment is based on the date your contract and payment were received by Housing Services, the information you provided on the contract and space availability. If your initial hall or room preference is not met, you may inquire about the hall or room transfer process at the front desk in your hall after the official hall opening date. Transfers are made when space is available. Changing rooms without permission is not permitted. If you change rooms without proper paperwork, an improper checkout charge of RMB 100 is assessed to your student university billing account and you will be required to move back to your assigned room.


Safety and Security

Students have access to their residence hall at all times the university is in session. An electronic door-access system requires use of a resident's ID card. Students may enter their own hall by sliding their ID card through the access card reader installed near most doors.  Each night from 11 p.m.-6 a.m., the main front doors (the only accessible entrance at that time) to each hall will be locked. Residents may call from telephones to access. Students are encouraged to lock their door and carry their room key and ID card at all times.

The halls have appropriate fire protection equipment in each hall. Hall staff and emergency facilities management staff are available 24 hours a day to respond to the needs of students. Housing Services supports funding for a university police officer to walk the perimeter of all halls on a scheduled basis. Wildcat Walk, a free campus-sponsored escort program, is available 24 hours a day for residents walking on campus.


Special Accommodations

Students who require accommodations to meet special needs should contact their hall staff to learn more about the resources available to them.


Vacating Residence Halls

When residents completed their study or transfered to other campus,  the hall will be vacated. Rooms must be vacated within 12 hours before the deadline of the hall's closing. A student leaving the residence hall system must officially check out with residence hall floor staff to stop additional daily charges from accruing. An official checkout includes cleaning your room, returning all keys, completing a forwarding address card for the mail room, being accountable for all room damages and having your residence hall staff conclude the checkout process. Failure to complete these procedures results in charges for improper checkout, lock replacement, damages that have not been assessed and daily accrued charges being assessed to the student's university billing account. The resident understands and agrees that Housing Services may dispose of all items lost or abandoned by a student at the end of the semester.