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Accommodation Policy


Residents are expected to abide by residence hall policies. Please consult your floor officers or hall staff to learn more about your individual hall policies.


Residents of any age are not allow to consume or be in possession of alcoholic canned/bottled beveragesin the residence halls.



There is no smoking allowed anywhere in the residence halls. This includes all lobbies, lounges and dining centers. Smoking is not allowed within 30 feet of the building footprint. 


You are expected to abide by all the regulations for bicycles on campus. Housing Services will collect all abandoned bicycles at the end of each semester. Abandoned bicycles will be donated to charity. Bicycles may be parked only in the bike racks outside each residence hall. Please do not chain bicycles to the front steps, access ramps or any sign posts. Bicycles that are chained to permanent fixtures (e.g., light posts, trees, etc.) are removed and impounded at the owner’s expense. You may store your bicycle in your residence hall room with the permission of your roommate(s). Bicycles may not be hung from pipes. The pipes will not support bikes and will break causing major building damage. Bicycles cannot be ridden inside the residence halls.


Open Heating Elements
Open flame devices are not permitted in the residence halls (e.g., candles, incense, incense burners). Cookers, space heaters, appliances with an open or closed heating element or halogen lamps are not permitted in the residence halls.



You are expected to respond to reasonable requests of any Housing Services staff member acting in the performance of her/his duties, including presenting identification such as your student ID or another form of identification upon request. You are also expected to comply with process sanctions mandated to you.



If you accidentally or intentionally damage residence hall property, you are expected to make restitution for the cost of repair or replacement. You may not alter or make repairs to any university property. Charges for room damages will be divided equally between the room residents, unless one of the residents accepts full responsibility or is found individually responsible. The cost of damages to residence hall public areas is charged to all residents, unless a resident accepts responsibility or is found individually responsible.



It is a violation of the law, as well as published university and residence hall policies, to possess, use or sell illegal drugs or other controlled substances. This includes prescription medication that has not been prescribed to the individual possessing or using the medication. We report all incidents of suspected possession, use and sale of illegal drugs to the police. Because the use of illegal drugs is also a violation of published university and residence hall policies, incidents may be referred for university disciplinary action. Violations of the drug policy may result in termination of a student’s housing contract.


Disruptive Behavior

You are expected to act in a manner that not disturb the academic pursuits or infringe upon the privacy rights, privileges, health or safety of other persons. Any activity that has a negative impact on the reasonable use of the residence halls by others is not permitted.



Elevators are provided for the convenience of residents and to ensure that buildings are accessible for students with mobility impairments. As a matter of safety and courtesy to those living around you, elevators are to be used only as they were intended and in accordance with posted regulations.


Fire Safety and Fire-Safety Equipment

Residents should follow the regulation on fire, and be cautious with any fire risk. Tampering with fire-safety equipment or falsely setting off a fire alarm is a violation of the law and university and residence hall expectations. Violators are reported to the Campus Police Department, referred to the residence hall judicial board and may also be referred for university disciplinary action. Smoke detectors are equipped with either a warning seal or electronic monitoring device. This is to discourage residents from tampering with them. If the smoke detector is tampered with or seals are removed or broken, a charge is assessed to the residents of the room. Fire safety in the residence halls is a very serious matter. You are expected to learn the fire-safety policies and guidelines. In the event of a fire, it is important you know about the fire-safety equipment around you. When the fire alarm sounds you are expected to evacuate the building using the stairs, not the elevators, and to comply with staff instructions.


Firearms and Weapons

Firearms and weapons are strictly prohibited in the residence halls for any reason. It is a violation of the law, as well as university and residence hall expectations, to possess a firearm or other weapon on campus. Weapons prohibited in the residence halls include, but are not limited to, firearms, BB guns, paintball guns, air rifles, knives, switchblades, decorative swords, brass knuckles, martial arts weapons, fireworks, explosives, bows and arrows, ammunition, tasers, stun guns, etc Violations of the firearms and weapons policy may result in termination of a student's housing contract.



Furniture may not be removed from individual rooms or common areas (lobbies, lounges, etc.). No furniture is permitted outdoors. Removal of furniture from public areas creates an inconvenience for other residents who utilize these areas and is reported as theft of property. If furniture from lobbies is found in your room, you are required to move it back to the lobby, and you are charged a minimum of RMB 20. The furniture in your room has been designated for use only in your room and is inventoried both when you move in and when you move out. You will be held financially responsible for missing furniture. All furniture provided, including bed frames and mattresses must remain in the room, but additional pieces may be added as space allows.



Playing cards for money and other forms of gambling are illegal as defined by local law and are not permitted in the residence halls or on campus.


Guests and Visitors

Students should follow the regulations regarding meeting visitors. A resident can meet a guest(s) during the day time but not at night. The host is responsible for the actions of their guest(s). All guests must be registered. Residents hosting guests are required to remind their guests to be in possession of a form of identification at all times while in the residence hall. The host is also required to escort their guests at all times. The host must have permission from their roommate(s) before a guest(s) is permitted in the room. The rights of a resident take priority over those of a guest(s). 

A guest(s) may visit but is (are) not allowed to stay overnight without permission of Office of Housing. For visitor staying the night, a Foreigner Registration Form should be filled to report to the police for record. Otherwise, the individual student or visitor will be held responsibility for any consequence. It is the responsibility of a resident to notify staff of any policy violation.


Hall and Floor Meetings 

Residence hall staff conducts hall and floor meetings to communicate important events or information. These meetings are mandatory unless publicized otherwise. You are responsible for all information covered whether or not you attend.


Ledges and Window Screens

For safety reasons, it is a violation of university and residence hall expectations to remove window screens or climb onto ledges or roofs. Warning seals are placed on window screens to discourage residents from tampering with them. If seals are removed or broken, a charge is assessed to the residents of the room.


Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are not allowed in the halls. This includes, but is not limited to, bouncing balls, rollerblading, skateboarding and bicycle riding, cricket-playing .  In addition, these activities are not allowed on porches as such activities may result in damage to property and constitute vandalism. If you participate in any of these activities and damage occurs, you will be charged for repairs. Pet Policy
Because of health risks involved, pets are not permitted in the residence halls.



Pranks are not allowed in the residence halls as they may cause physical and/or psychological damage.


Presence During a Violation

Being present where a violation of the residence hall policies or Student Code of Conduct is occurring will ordinarily constitute a violation of those policies/codes. If you are present and realize a violation is occurring, it is your responsibility to: 1) Leave the room and/or area immediately; and 2) Report violation(s) to hall staff immediately.


Quiet Hours/Noise

Noise which is disruptive to others is prohibited both inside and in surrounding areas of residence halls. Courtesy and consideration for others is expected at all times. If noise is bothering one person on the floor, wing, or in the building, it is too loud. The following specific guidelines are in place to help maintain a reasonable level of noise in the residence halls: Quiet hours (the absence of loud noise or distraction) are in effect Sunday through Thursday from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m., and Friday and Saturday from 11p.m. to 10 a.m. At other times, you are expected to exercise good judgment with respect to noise. Do not make or cause noise that infringes upon the rights and need of others to sleep and study. Quiet hours may be adjusted by a hall by a vote . The hours may be adjusted up to one hour before or after the start and end times of the quiet hours.

Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours a day. Any loud noise or distraction that attracts the attention of other students and/or staff members is not compatible with a proper living and learning environment in the residence halls.

Final exam quiet hours are in effect 24 hours a day from the Sunday immediately before finals at 10 a.m. to the end of the last final of the semester. Accommodation Office has the opportunity to select up to two hours per day during finals week for slightly relaxed quiet hours.

Enforcement of quiet hours or courtesy hours is the responsibility of everyone in the hall, not just hall staff. If noise bothers you, please respectfully ask the person(s) involved to decrease the noise level. If they do not decrease the noise, or you have to go speak to them again, you may contact hall staff to contact the person. In addition, it is expected that if someone asks you to decrease your noise level, you do so immediately.



Behavior that may be in violation of city, provincial or national laws is reported and referred to appropriate agencies.


Behavior that may be in violation of established and published university policies and residence hall regulations and expectations is reported and may be referred for disciplinary action. Findings may result in termination of a residence hall contract, among other penalties.


The Office of Housing administers the university discipline process in conjunction with the Office of Student Management. When the situation warrants, the Office confer with students for behavior which might be in violation of published university policies.


The university disciplinary process may result in sanctions that include warning, stern warning, probation, dismissal or suspension.


More information about the residence hall and university judicial processes is available from the Residence Office.