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Payment of Tuition and Fees

1.1 Self-funded International Students of Zhengzhou University should pay tuition and fees in time.

1.1.1Tuition and fees paid by international students shall be settled in RMB and, if remitted in a foreign currency, shall be settled in RMB based on the bank exchange rate on the same day.

1.2 Items of fees and time of payment: Self-funded international students shall pay their tuition, accommodation fees and other payable fees at the time of registration at the beginning of a semester or academic years. Failure to pay tuition and fees two weeks after the registration day will lead to the cancellation of student status.

1.2.1Tuition fees of degree students shall be paid by academic year, i.e. once for the whole academic year.

1.2.2Tuition fees of non-degree students of Chinese language and culture are paid by semester, i.e., once for the whole semester. Non-degree students of Chinese language and culture who plan to continue studying for another semester must make an application one week before the end of the current semester and pay tuition fees for the coming semester before the deadline of their residence permits or visas.

1.2.3Those degree students who should extend their length of studies (failing to finish their schooling in time) must pay regular tuition fees for the extended year or semester.

1.2.4Internship of English-instructed Clinical Medicine major amounts to 48 weeks. Fees of internship are paid according to actual internship weeks. That is (weeks of actual internship/ 48) * tuition fees of an academic year.