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Accommodation Outside Campus

Postgraduate students as well as undergraduate students (at Clinical Stage) can choose to dwell off campus.There are a number of online resources of private flats for off-campus accommodation. International students can search the following Chinese website for potential private residential flat around the campus:

1. 5 & 8 of the same city:

2. Ganji:         

3. Fangtianxia:    

Students who choose to dwell off campus in private flats should first apply to Accommodation Office.They are kindly reminded to go to the local police station together with your landlord to get a Temporary Residence Registration Form, which is issued by the local police station of your accommodation.

According to the Chinese law, foreigners should register his or her address at the local police station within 24 hours of arrival at Zhengzhou. Therefore, a special remind is that before you sign for the contract or pay for the rental, do confirm that the owner of the property is able to process the accommodation registration for you. Otherwise you will get into trouble of illegal stay. In case you moved to a new place, changed your passport or renewed your visa. You have to register your new address at the local police station in 24 hours after that.

If you travel outside China mainland, you should go to the local police station again to register your address after you come back, because when you leave China, your early residence registration will be automatically terminated.

When dwelling off campus, international students should pay attention to personal and property safety and security; they must not use rule-breaking electric appliances or drive a motorcycle in violation of regulations. When running into susceptible persons or in case of emergency, theyshould contact immediately relevant security personnel or police.

School of International Education will work with public security sectors at irregular intervals in security visits to international students' off-campus dwelling places. International students must cooperate and provide assistance in those visits.

International students who come into an emergent situation when dwelling off campusshould contact thepolice and relevant staffs of School of International Education immediately and provide possible cooperation in investigation and efforts for solution.