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Physical Check-up

International students who will study for more than 6 months should take a physical check-up in Henan Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Hospital (HEEIQH). New students can apply for residence permits after they obtain a “Certificate of Verification of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners” issued by HEEIQH. Those who are ascertained upon examination as patients of any disease due to which no entry is allowed, as specified in China's laws, shall leave immediately for their home country.


School of International Education will organize fresh-students to take the physical examination each year before their application for residence permit.


The Address of HEEIQH:

5 Hexiang Rd, Jinshui District,Zhengzhou.


The office time for HEEIQH is:

Monday to Friday morning 7:30 - 11:30 for check-up;

Monday to Friday afternoon 14:00---16:: 30 for result-picking up.


The physical examination items covers:

anti HIV, RPR, TPPA, HBsAg, AntiHCV, / GPT, project, X ray examination report of chest.


The fee for physical check-up is:

500 RMB / time.


Documents Submitted for Physical Check-up:

l         Two passport size photos;

l         Passport;

l         Certificate issued by School of International Education of Zhengzhou University