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Medical Care & Insurance

1. The university has hospitals on all campuses. International students can be treated at those hospitals for minor health problems.

2. If necessary, international students can seek treatment from off-campus hospitals. Provincial or municipal public hospitals in Zhengzhou are recommended. Students should show student ID card while in hospital.

3. For medical emergency, please call Emergency Center Number: 120.

4. Comprehensive Insurance for International Students

      Students on a full scholarship and self-funded students who have paid all fees in full (with their time of  studies exceeding 6 months) are entitled for the Comprehensive Insurance for International Students, which includes insurances for medical treatments of accidental injuries, hospitalization, accidental disability and death. Only public hospitals on the mainland of the People's Republic of China are applicable for this insurance. Students can refer to the introduction of this insurance on the international student insurance website ( for details. Students are advised to promptly contact the teacher in charge at the School of International Education for insurance claims if hospitalization is needed for them due to accidents or sickness.

      (2) The expenses for hospitalization shall be paid by the student during the treatment and the following materials are needed to apply for insurance claims:

      Discharge Summary

      Hospital Certificates of Diagnosis

      Receipts of hospitalization expenses

      Lists of Total Hospitalization Expenses

      Clinical History and Receipts of payment (if there are clinic services pre or post hospitalization)

      Photocopy of Passport (data and photo page) 

      (3) Students hospitalized in one of the following hospitals may have a third party payment of the expenses, provided they have contacted the teacher in charge prior to hospitalization.

      The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University.

      The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University.

      Henan Provincial People's Hospital

      Zhengzhou People's Hospital No.1     

      (4) Medical expenses incurred as a result of students' criminal or disciplinary offences such as physical fights and assaults shall be covered by the offenders themselves.

      (5) The office and telephone number of the teacher in charge of insurance affairs of international students:  Room 219, Dorm. 31, Yuquan Campus; Tel:87953837.

5. Students benefiting from free medical services are requested to seek medical treatment at regular public hospitals. If annual outpatient medical expenses are more than RMB 650, the insured can apply for part of the reimbursement. And they need to submit the medical record, list of physical checkups and medicines and the invoices from the hospital to the School of International Education for verification and then these documents will be sent to the insurance company at Beijing for insurance claims. The insurance company will evaluate and pay part of the outpatient expenses beyond the starting-line RMB650 according to the policy. (Registration fee can not be reimbursed, so students must inform the hospital and separate registration fee from other medical fees).  Expenses for dental prosthetics, dental filling, tooth extraction, glasses, childbirth, abortion, STD, physiological defect correction, cosmetology, nourishment and any other fees outside the coverage of the free medial service, as well as the expenses for treating chronic disease contracted prior to the students' arrival in China shall be covered by students themselves.

6. International students studying in China must have medical insurance.  Students who have not paid the tuition fees in full and have no full scholarship (including exchange students, the students who have their study duration extended and tuition fees exempted and the MBBS progran students taking internship for a period less than one year and paying tuition by weekly basis) must purchase the comprehensive insurance for international students or the abroad medical insurance from their home country at their own expense (Relevant insurance certificates from the insurance company of their home country are required to be presented).