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Pakistan Higher Education Commission

The verification of students from Pakistan High Education Commission will follow the established routine by joint cooperation among PMDC, Pakistan Embassy, and Zhengzhou University. All the documents should be processed steps by steps. Zhengzhou University only process the documents delivered by Pakistan Embassy. Documents from individual or email/fax from PMDC directly might lead to the failure of degree verification.  For further information, please contact International Liaison Office, School of International Education Zhengzhou University at the


The above information is just for reference. Applicants are suggested to contact relevant institutions for further details. The main task of International Liaison Office is to verify the authenticity of applicants’ degree. It would be appreciated if applicants provide a list of verification requirements.

English transcript inquiry: Applicants bring the ID card or university card to Zhengzhou University Archive which is located in the Administration Building, South Campus. Open time: Weekdays except Thursday afternoon.

Usually the mails should be sent directly from School of International Education Zhengzhou University to overseas institutions. The applicants could track the mails through Fedex tracking No.

The contact person for credentials verification is Prof. Yin (Richard) Zhaochun. Address: RM 104,Building 17 Liuyuan Park, School of International Education, Zhengzhou University, 100 Science Avenue, Zhengzhou, Henan, PR China, 450001 Tel: +86-371-67780102. Email: