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Master Thesis


In order to complete the thesis, master students should conduct their research and investigation for at least one and half years.

Topic Selection and Research Proposal

Before writing the proposal, master students should complete the literature review of no less than 30 relevant papers, which will be evaluated, marked and recorded by Supervising Panel (at least 3 group members). The topic of research proposal has to refer to students’ major fields or other related areas. The Supervising Panel will be set up with supervisor and 3 to 5 other experts of the field.

Thesis proposal should be completed in the second semester. The following contents should be included in thesis proposal: Objective or aims of the project, Background and preliminary data, Research design & research contents, Methods, Possible problems and solutions, Feasibility & Novelty, Scheduling, budget and so forth. The completed proposal must be fully evaluated and qualified by the Supervising Panel before the research topic could be approved. The thesis proposal and relevant records should be kept for reference.


Progress Tracking

In order to ensure that the project keeps going in the right direction, master students are required to report their research process regularly, at least two times before completing the thesis. The supervisor and committee members are in charge of providing suggestions and guidance for student’s work. These reports need to be recorded and kept for reference.


One month before the submission of thesis and application for defense, a public pre-defense will be organized by the school degree evaluation committee. The procedure and  time requirement are exactly the same with formal defense. Besides, other arrangements about pre-defense are carried out according to relevant provisions of Graduate School.


Thesis Requirement

Degree thesis shall be data reliable, analysis reasonable and appropriate, meet the requirements of writing standards, and have high academic value. Master students are required to complete their thesis on the basis of scientific research.


After submission, thesis will be under reviewing for about one month by 5 external professional reviewers selected by Academic Degrees Committee of ZZU. The results will be handled according to the “ZZU Master Degree Thesis Double-blind Reviewing Enforcement Regulations”.


Defense Committee mainly consists of 5-7 experts, wherein external experts should be no less than 2. The chairperson of Defense Committee should be external expert. The list of members of Defense Committee should be reported to the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee for approval.