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There’s no better way to build your CV and boost up your job prospects than with internship in internationally recognized companies or institutions.

There are two types of internships for international students, Medical Internship and Common Internship. Our Common Internship program is offered all year-round for one, two, three months, or one semester. and is exclusively created to focus on your career development and to secure you real-world hands on experiences and the chance to develop the professional skills needed to enter a particular career field. In addition to your guaranteed internship in China, especially in Zhengzhou Henan, you will gain exposure to networking events where you will have the chance to meet and socialize with important industry experts. Choose from the most exciting industries including finance, law, marketing, business, public relations and many more from our internships.

Through our Internship Program, you’ll experience and witness this exciting and fast-development of "Land of Opportunities"  together with hundreds of other university students from all around the world, the perfect way to acquire the necessary skills to start your professional career in the real world. You’re guaranteed an internship in your sector of interest.

This is your chance to have your CV stand out – assure yourself of a priceless experience with a Internship in China, an invaluable professional asset that sets you apart from other students and graduates.

For more information about internship and employment please visit here.