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Doctor Dissertation

Doctors candidates should accomplish the dissertation except the courses tasks.

1. Proposal report

According to suggestions of supervisors, doctors candidates should conduct their literature review by consulting reference books to select a  research topic with scientific significance and application prospect, and devise a plausible plan, implement it pilotly. With prelimary outcome canidiates should convince their supervisors and get their approval and agreement of the research proposal. Doctor candidates should conduct proposal report in the 3th semester.  

2. Mid-term Assessment

Mid-term assessment is a necessary part in checking students’ comprehensive abilities, dissertation progress, guiding their study and dissertation writing, improving dissertation quality. The mid-term assessment of doctor candidates should be conducted in the 6th semester.

3. Pre-defense

Doctor candidates, after 2-year dissertation research, should achieve corresponding results, in line with “ZhengZhou University Postgraduate Published Academic Paper Requirement”, and write dissertation independently under the guidance of supervisors or panel group. The dissertation should be no less than 50,000 words. Candidates can  start their pre-defense if their dissertation are approved by supervisor.

4. Dissertation

Basic Requirements:

The period of study, exploaration, or investigation/experiment of the dissertation should be no less than 2 years; doctor candidates should write their dissertation independently based on complete research design and research results; the dissertation should be no less than 50,000 words. And dissertation should indicate that the candidate has the ability to conduct scientific research and achieves creative results scientifically and technologically, and satisfy requirements as “ZhengZhou University Postgraduate Published Academic Paper Requirement” shows.

Dissertation Reviewing:

Dissertations, after the approval of supervisor group, form-checking by their school, and pre-defense are able to enter the reviewing procedure. The reviewing should be proposed by doctors 40 days before formal defense, and conducted by 5 outside school professional reviewers selected by Academic Degrees Committee of ZZU from expert base randomly. The results and objections are handled as the “ZZU Doctoral Degree Dissertation Double-blind Reviewing Enforcement Regulations” shows.


Defense Committee mainly consists of 5-7 experts with senior title or the qualification of doctoral supervisor, wherein supervisors should be no less than 4, and outside school experts should be no less than 2. Generally the defense committee members and reviewers are not the same persons. The chief of Defense Committee mainly is outside school doctoral supervisor. The list of members of Defense Committee should be reported to the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee for approval. 

Doctors who obtain all credits listed in training plan and pass dissertation defense will be qualified and allowed to graduate, and will be awarded to master’s degree after school academic degree committee approving and university degree committee permitting. Degree awarding will be permitted based on“Zhengzhou university Degree Awarding Implementation Details”and other degree management files.