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International Chinese Education

The International Chinese Education Department of Zhengzhou University was established in 2012, which was formerly known as Centerof Teaching Chinesefor Foreigners of Zhengzhou University, and now affiliated with the School of International Education.

Teaching Chinese for foreigners was started in 1984 in Zhengzhou University.Zhengzhou University is the earliest university which begins to admit international Chinese language students in Henan province. For over 30 years,ZhengzhouUniversity has cultivated a multitude of international Chinese talents for more than 60 countries all over the world, and thus gained a good international reputation.

The International Chinese Education Department is responsible for the Chinese teaching work of international students at all levels of Zhengzhou University, including Chinese language Training Program, University Preparatory Chinese-taught Program, Special Chinese Program (for example, Medical Chinese), The Themed Chinese Language Training Program,Chinese Language Teacher Training Program, The Immersion Program in Chinese Culture, Tailor-made Chinese Language Training Program, Chinese Education Program and etc. Meanwhile, we also provide degree courses for the international students, including BA in Chinese language and Master ofTeaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (joint training ofSchoolof liberal Arts).

Our department has a large group of experienced professional teachers, among which 60% have advanced academic or research rank titles, 80% have study or work experiences in various countries such asUnited States,UK, Russia, Canada, India, New Zealand,South Korea,Thailand and etc. Teachers of ourdepartment have carried outa seriesof studies in aspect of international Chinese education and teaching, and published numerous international Chinese teaching materials and Chinese language teaching materials. Our Chinese teaching adopts the advanced teaching philosophy and teaching methods in line with the international trends along with various forms of learning support outside class, so as to enable the students to get pleasant learning experience and learning outcomes.

International Chinese Education Department will make continuous efforts to satisfy thee vear-growing Chinese learning needs at home and abroad so as to provide high-quality Chinese education services for learners of various countries and at various levels all over the world.

For more information about the International Chinese Education Department, Please visit the website.