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Other Research Centre and Lab

Cancer Research Laboratory

Nano Polymer Laboratory

Examination and Talent Evaluation Research Center

New Composite Building Material Research Institute

Laboratory of Polymer Structure and Properties,Zhengzhou University

Study of Obesity; the Third Affiliated Hospital

Ideological and Political Education Research Association


Institute of Water Resources and Water Conservancy

Ceramic Culture Research Center

Medical Experiment Center

Medical Imaging Network

Institute of Environmental Science


Enterprise Research Center

Institute of Applied Sociology

Institute of Applied Psychology




Water Science Research Center

Henan Institute of Computer Education

Henan Physiological Science Society

Henan Adolescent Mental Health Education Center

HenanEngineering Graphics Society

Henan High Blood Pressure Research Association

Institute of Natural Resources and Ecological Environment

Packaging Design and Research Center

China Land Law Research Center


Institute of Biodiversity and Ecology

Institute of Management Science and Decision Making

Human Resources and Entrepreneurship Research Center

Institute of Electrocardiology Research


Biomass Refining Technology and Equipment Engineering Laboratory

Heat Exchange Equipment Henan Engineering Laboratory

Ecological Civilization Legal Construction Collaborative Innovation Center