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The School of Business was established after its transformation from the Department of Economics in the Faculty of Social Sciences in 1993. In 1999, School of Business annexed Department of Economic and Trade Management. Since then, the School of Business has rapidly expanded its variety of programs in terms of major and minor subjects, as well as enhances its intake of the best and the brightest local and non-local students.

The School of Business now has 95 academic staffs, including 19 full-time professors, 48 associated professors. Teachers who hold master and PhD degree account for 85% of the total. It also employs over 30 famous domestic experts as adjunct professors, and sets up a wide range of academic links with the US, Germany, Britain, Japan and other countries. There are over 1800 undergraduate students and 900 postgraduate students in School of Business.

School of Business currently offers Bachelor's degree programmes with the following specializations: Statistics, Accounting, Economics, International Economics and Trade, Business Management and Financial Management; 1 Combined Bachelor-Master’ s Degree Programme: Economics; 14 Master’s degree programmes including: Statistics, Accounting, Corporate Management, Public Economic Management, World Economics, Western Economics, Political Economy, Public Finance, Industrial Economics, International Economy and Trade, International Trade, National Economics, Finance (including Insurance) , Labor Economics, Regional Economics, Quantitative Economics, Practical economics; 3 Professional Master’s Degree: MBA, Master of Finance, Master of Insurance. Our EMBA program was the first and only program established in Henan Province. We also offer two double degrees programs.

In recent 10 years, more than 1500 papers have been published in a wide variety of national and internationally refereed journals as well as 100 monographs; more than 20 projects of National Social Science & Natural Science Foundation, more than 100 projects of Ministry of Education and the Henan province have been hosted by the faculty. A big amount of research programmes has put the research achievements into practice. The School has also cultivated a large number of business talents for the whole society over the recent decades.

Programs Offered in School of Business

Degree Program Language Period
Bachelor Statistics Chinese 4
Business Administration Chinese 4
Accounting Chinese 4
International Trade English/Chinese 4
Financial Science Chinese 4
Economics Chinese 4
Master Statistics Chinese 3
MBA Chinese 3
Accounting Chinese 3
Corporate Management Chinese 3
Public Economic Management Chinese 3
World Economics Chinese 3
Western Economics Chinese 3
Political Economy Chinese 3
Master of Insurance Chinese 3
Public Finance Chinese 3
Industrial Economics Chinese 3
International Trade English/Chinese 3
National Economics Chinese 3
Master Finance Chinese 3
Finance(Insurance) Chinese 3
Labor Economics Chinese 3
Regional Economics Chinese 3
Quantitative Economics Chinese 3
Practical Economics Chinese 3
Doctor Applied Ecomomics Chinese/English 4
Public Economic Management Chinese/English 4

Well-known Professor

Name  Research Field Research interests Contact  Tutor 
Liu Yumin Public economic Management Quality & Supply Management, Quality & Big Data Application, PhD
Du Shuyun Public economic Management Economic management and public policy PhD
Zhang Helin Public economic Management Economic management and public policy PhD
Fairtown,Zhou Ayoungman Public economic Management Airport and institutional Economics PhD
Wang Haijie Public economic Management Airport Economy Management,Global Value Chain PhD
Tian Lin Finance Financial Policy Master 
Li Qinying Finance Insurance Master 
Wang Haijie Economics Entrepreneurship Master 
Zhang Heling Economics Regional Economy Master 
Wen Taipu International Trade International Trade Master 
Duan Pingfang International Trade International Trade Master 
Li Zhongjian Economics Man Power Master 

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Bachelor Program:

Name:  Qin Jianwei
Tel:  86-371 67780162

Master & Doctor Program:

Name:  Zhou Ke
Tel:  86-371 67780186

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Address: School of International Education, Zhengzhou University, 100 Science Avenue, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450001, P. R. China


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