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Hello everyone! We are ZZU overseas student from Malaysia

This is the beginning of our college story.

We are the six students first came to china, quite strange here. But we met a group of enthusiastic teachers. 

The first day of the night,the school reception,we communicate with each other.

 We think the next story will be more exciting.

This is our first time visiting China and also I will study here for 4 years . No doubt, this was a long journey but it was such a great experience and so much of fun studying in ZZU 

The day I reached China with other Malaysia's student and the teacher and even our senior coming to the airport to fetch and welcome us . The first day always the busiest day, registration, room cleaning, buying phone's SIM card and so on . Fortunately , we got a kind and helpful senior giving the guidance all along our first day trip. I found that people in China live differently from my country like their eating habits, the Ali-pay system , and I always get an explanation from my teacher as well as senior.

Hello everyone,we are from Maliysia in China zzu overseas student.

This is the beginning of our college story.

We are the six students first came to china, quite strange here.But we met a group of enthusiastic teachers.

Luckily, there was a sports day event coming in a few day. The only things that I can say was fantastic . There was an opening ceremony and all the faculty was marching and performing in different and creative ways . The things that impressed me was the parachute jumping show and firework show that performance after the parachute jumping show . Although the weather was hot and it take a long time, but it really let me experience a totally different life from my previous school .

Unlike the food in my country , the dishes in China was huge, what I mean is really huge . Even till now, I accepted the favour of food in China but I still can’t really finish a normal dishes . By the ways, there are a lot of store and also restaurant as well in my school and the traffic here is so convenient and we travel a lot of place just by buses .

For the first time we have dinner with our senior, together cooked of dinner..


After a week, I brought a new bicycle from a market as my school was so big and my class was so far away from my dormitory .

Sometime, We have free and then go to play badminton or table tennis.

writer: Grove Liau Khang Yong \ Lim Chiew Xue \   Lai Poi Che