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2024 Foundation Program in Science & Engineering2023-10-15

1. Introduction to the program

Zhengzhou University (ZZU) is one of the National Project 211 Universities, the Midwest Universities Comprehensive Strength Promotion Project and the Co-built by the Ministry of Education of China and the People’s Government of Henan Province. Zhengzhou University entered the ranks of the National World - Class Universities. With full facility of four campuses, Zhengzhou University has at present 47,000 full-time undergraduates, 24,000 postgraduates and more than 2,700 international students. With the rapid development in recent years, ZZU performs well in various international university rankings: In the Academic Ranking of World Universities, ZZU ranks 150-200th globally and 24-32th in China. In the U.S. News Ranking, ZZU ranks 385th in the world universities and 39th in China mainland. In the QS World University rankings, ZZU sits in the place of 801-1000. Moreover, 13 disciplines of ZZU including Chemistry, MBBS ranks the top 1% in the QS ranking.

Zhengzhou University Pre-Bachelor’s Program in Science & Engineering (in English) Program offers bridge courses connecting students from high school to the university. The program enables international students to consolidate their foundation in natural science and related majors which will also facilitate the improvement of academic and professional English, as well as day-to-day Chinese language skills. It also lays a strong foundation for international students enabling them a smooth transition from high school to the Pharmacy, Civil Engineering or Software Engineering program.

2.Target Students

a)   Students whose qualification can not satify the entry requirements of the major of Pharmacy, Civil Engineering or Software Engineering, such as no IELTS report, or academic transcripts are not good enough.

b)   Students who plan to study preparatory courses in Pharmacy, Civil Engineering or Software Engineering as the bridge program.

3. Main Courses

a) Daily Chinese Module will enhance the international students’ knowledge in listening and speaking Chinese language which will help them to master basic communicative skills and provide convenience to live in China.

b) English Learning Module allows the international students to be well versed in academic and specialty English. Academic English entails training students to use language appropriately for study, particularly in developing students’ academic writing and reading skills in terms of grammar accuracy, cohesion, coherence and etc. Specialty English focuses instruction on language skills required to perform in an English-speaking academic context across core subject areas generally encountered in a university setting, such as prefixes, suffixes, combining forms and etc.

c) Basic Learning Module allows the international students to evaluate their knowledge and reinforced understanding of core science subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry and major related basic course.

d) Professional Training Module includes a variety of workshops, group discussions and training which would enrich the aspiring student to possess up knowledge of studying in related majors. Students will also get a chance to visit the laboratories and the university factories, construction sites, equipment bases which would enable them to analyze the challenges they face during their study.

4. Study Campus

The main campus of Zhengzhou University

100 Science Avenue, High-tech Development Zone, Zhengzhou, 450001, Henan, China

5. Study Schedule

March to September 2024

1) Module learning: March -June 2024

2) Module review: June-July 2024

3) Final exam: July 2024

6. Teaching Hours

16-20 teaching hours per week

7. Registration Date

March 1-2, 2024

8. Course Assessment

Selection assessment will be held  early September 2024. The assessment panel will make a detailed evaluation on the test scores and declare the final results based on which the student will get an entry to the bachelor’s program at Zhengzhou University.

9. Certificate Award

a). Certificate awarded upon successful completion of the Pre-program and passing all exams;

b). Study certificate issued upon completion of the PBPME but not passing all exams;

c). No certificated issued if failing to take exams.

10. Application Period

October 15, 2023, ~ January 1, 2024

11. Eligibility

a). Non-Chinese citizen

b). 18~23 years old(The applicant aged under 18 years old has to provide The Letter of Guardian’s Authorization which authenticated by the embassy. )

c). Minimum of high school graduate (or equivalent)

d). High school result of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology should not less than 10-15% of the scores required by the entry requirements of the related undergraduate programs in Zhengzhou University. Please contact the international admission office of Zhengzhou University for further information.

e). English proficiency minimum at IELTS 5.5(or equivalent). Students without test report of IELTS 5.5 (or equivalent TOEFL, DUOLINGO) can join in the foundation program first, but they must pass the English Proficiency Test hosted by Zhengzhou University before the end of foundation program. Those who fail in the test can choose to continue their foundation program one more year here, or turn to other university.

f). Financial guarantee to support education in China

g). Be in good physical and mental health

h). No criminal record

12. Application Documents

a). Ordinary Passport (pages with photo and address)

b). High School Diploma (or the equivalent proof)

c). High School Transcripts (or the equivalent academic transcripts)

d). Valid Report of English Language Proficiency Tests

e). Physical Examination Report

f). Certificate of Non-criminal Record

g). Letter of Guardian’s Authorization (for applicants aged under 18)

13. Fee Structure

CNY 9,000

14. Scholarship

Scholarship of bachelor will be granted to the students if the final scores meet the standard.

15. Number of Seats

90 (30 seats for each major)

16. Application

An aspiring student can apply directly or through an authorized agency of the university.

Application link:

17. Contact Information

International Admission Office of Zhengzhou University

(Admission Office, School of International Education, ZZU)


Attachment: ZZU Fee Structure for International Students


Pre-bachelor’s Program

Bachelor’s Program

Application   Fee


CNY 800

Tuition Fee

CNY 9,000 per semester

CNY 25,000 per annum

Material Fee

Medical Insurance

CNY 400 per semester

CNY 800 per annum

Medical Check-up

CNY 600 One-time

CNY 600 One-time

Residence Permit

CNY 400 One-time

CNY 400 One-time


Living Expenses

CNY 600~1,000 per month