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2019 International Undergraduate Programs (English Medium)2019-03-15

1. About Zhengzhou University

As a national key university of World First-class University project, it is funded by the Henan Provincial Government and Ministry of Education (MOE), Zhengzhou University was founded through the merger of three universities: former Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou University of Technology and Henan Medical University. It is authorized by the Ministry of Education of China to receive the Chinese Government Scholarship. The University locates in the historic city, Zhengzhou, where is the cradle of Shaolin Kung Fu. Zhengzhou University comprises four major campuses: New Campus, South Campus, College of Technology Campus and College of Medicine Campus occupying an area of 1070 acres. There are 46 schools and departments, and 9 affiliated hospitals in Zhengzhou University, offering 110 undergraduate programs, 125 doctor programs and 256 master programs. The University has a staff of 6,000 and the enrolled number of full-time students is over 70,000, with and 2,300 international students. 

2. The Schools offering the programs

1) School of Medicine
2) School of Stomatology
3) School of Pharmacy
4) School of Civil Engineering

5) School of Information

3. Duration

1). MBBS  6 years
2) .BDS    6 years
3). Pharmacy 4 years
4). Civil Engineering 4 years
5).Software Engineering 4 years

4. Tuition Fee

1).MBBS/BDS 35000RMB per year
2).Pharmacy/ Civil/Software Engineering: tuition fee supported by Scholarship for distinguish applicants.

5. School Time

The bachelor program starts in September every year
The pre-medical program starts in March each year. The exact date depends on the Admission Notice. 

6. Which Campus to Study 

1). MBBS and BDS: The first phase: 3 years in the New Campus to study basic courses and basic courses of the Specialty.
The second phase: 2 years in the Medical College Campus to study the courses of Clinical Medicine
The third phase: 1 year in one of the affiliated hospitals to do internship.
2). Pharmacy/Civil Engineering/Software Engineering: 4 years in New Campus.

7. Application Qualification

A Non-Chinese citizen, of the age between 18 and 24, with an educational background equal to high school graduation (or equivalent)or with the Bachelor of Science Degree, be in good condition, with non-criminal record, from the English-speaking countries or IELTS score reaches 6.0 or TOEFL score reaches 82 (or equivalent).
Note: Applicants score must reach 70% or more of subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology (or Zoology and botany). 

8. When to Apply 

Medical Program: from April to June every year.
Pre-Medical Program:from November to January.

9. What You Should Provide us

A. Application Form for Foreign Students of Zhengzhou University (Degree Students)
B. Photocopy of your valid passport.
C. High School diploma or Bachelor of Science Degree or the notarized copy, if you are graduates of the year, you may provide us the pre-graduation certification in Chinese or English.
D. Complete transcript of your high school or undergraduate (original) or the notarized copy.
E. Physical Examination Record for Foreigner (original) or the notarized copy.
F. Non-criminal record (original) or the notarized copy.
Note: ①When you apply, you can provide the notarized copies or photocopies of these documents. 
②No matter you are admitted or not, these documents will not be returned.

10. Checking Your Qualification 

A. After applicants provide all your documents we will start to check these documents. By the way, we probably let you provide more supplementary documents if necessary.
B. We recruit the students with reference to your scores in the high school or higher level. 

11. Registration

A. After receiving the admission documents, you may take Zhengzhou University Admission Notice, Visa Application for Study in China and Physical Examination Record for Foreigner to the local Embassy or Consulate of China to apply for visa. 
B. You should take your Zhengzhou University Admission Notice, Visa Application for Study in China and Physical Examination Record for Foreigner to Zhengzhou University to register within the time limitation on the Admission Notice.
C. When you register we check your original documents of your latest Academic Certificate and Transcripts. If these documents are not the same as what you provide us when you applied, we will cancel your enrollment eligibility.


12. Accommodations

You may choose to stay apartment outside the campus or the International Student Hostels on the Campus if available. 

17. How to Apply

A. If there are admission representatives in your area, you can apply through them. 
B. If there are no admission representatives of Zhengzhou University in your area, you can directly contact the International Admission Office of Zhengzhou University and apply on line:

18. Contact Us

International Admission Office of Zhengzhou University
Address:100 Science Avenue, Zhengzhou, Henan, P. R. China 450001
Tel (Fax):0086-371-67780665